MLBB Joy Build Guide: Best Emblem, Spell, Combos

MLBB Joy Build Guide: Best Emblem, Spell, Combos

If you want to play Joy in MLBB with her maximum, here is a brief overview of how to use the Flash of Miracle, including her talents, suggested emblem, battle spells, optimum build, and combinations, for anyone wishing to master the new assassin hero.

Joy, an assassin in Mobile Legends, is the final character who came in the game 2022. She is one of the more distinctive characters in the game because part of her skill set involves moving to the music to injure adversaries as much as possible. 

I love playing this new hero, and after this build guide, I hope you can play it too. If you are up for the challenge, she is a challenging yet rewarding hero to master. 

Skills and Ability of Joy in Mobile Legends


Each time Joy’s talent damages an enemy who isn’t a minion, she gets 100% more movement speed and a 16% damage reduction for four seconds.

Skill 1:

At the specified place, Joy conjures a Leonin Crystal that attacks nearby opponents with magic damage.

Skill 2:

Joy dashes in the direction of the target, damaging all foes in her route with magic. When Joy strikes an adversary or the Leonin Crystal from Look, Leonin Crystal, she enters Beat Time for one second and becomes immune to control effects. She can then cast this talent once more.


Joy releases the energy she’s been holding in reserve, removing all control effects on her, and gains slow immunity and 30% more movement speed for four seconds. During that time, she also deals magic damage to adjacent opponents multiple times.

Joy’s Best Emblems in Mobile Legends

Joy Best Emblems

Choosing the mage symbol tree emblem is the best decision, as the talent of Joy scale with magic damage in MLBB. If you want to deal burn damage whenever you cast a skill on a target three times, go for the Magic Worship talent for Joy. Her talents have short cooldowns, and you can activate the talent’s effect effortlessly. In addition, choose additional movement speed and magic penetration sub-talents for Joy in MLBB.

Best Build of Joy in Mobile Legends

Joy Best Build

Building offensive equipment first is essential for MLBB assassins like Joy in the early stages, such as Genius Wand and Glowing Wand. If you’ve harvested enough gold in the first 10-15 minutes, picking Holy Crystal or Concentrated energy is also a wise move to build Joy in MLBB. 

Joy is prone to one-shots and loses steam in the late game once everyone has a full-item build. Depending on the enemy team comp, you should choose the best defensive goods for Joy, like Brute Force Breastplate, Oracle, or Immortality if the game lasts longer than 20 minutes.

Joy’s Best Combos in Mobile Legends

These are the basic combos I use for Joy in MLBB:

  1. Combo 1: Skill 1 -> Auto Attack -> Skill 2 -> Auto Attack.
  2. Combo 2: Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 2 -> Ultimate -> Auto Attack.

Joy’s Best Battle Spell in Mobile Legends

Since Joy doesn’t deal much damage in the early-midgame, Execute is the best spell choice if you want to play her in the EXP lane or mid lane. I always go for execute spell no matter what the enemy team comp is. Additionally, you’ll need to look for kills because she benefits from getting her first two essential goods as soon as possible. 

Another effective battle spell to strengthen Joy build in Mlbb is retribution if you use her in Jungle. Upgrade it to Ice Retribution for the enemy heroes’ movement speed debuff, which complements her mobility abilities. When you miss your second skill, you can use it, as a means of escape.