Alice Best Build MLBB: Best Spells, Emblems, Counters

Alice Best Build MLBB: Best Spells, Emblems, Counters

This MLBB guide is about the best Build, Spells, Emblems, Counters, Skins, and Alice Combos.

Alice is a fighter/mage hero in Mobile Legends notorious for her insane durability and ability to soak up damage due to her tremendous amount of life steal. She is also very hard to catch due to the low cooldown on her first ability, which is a long-range dash which makes her very hard to lock down and kill.

Alice is also one of the few mages that can 1vs5 hard carry games, as all her abilities are area damage spells. It allows her to target multiple targets at once, and the more stacks she gets, the stronger she becomes. As a result, Mlbb Alice is a Strong mid-late-game hero to deal with.

How to Play Alice in Mobile Legends?

Despite her hard carry potential, she is surprisingly an easy hero to play and master. Alice has a passive that makes her late game monster. She gets a stack each time an enemy creep dies near her or two when an enemy hero dies near her, and she gets extra health and mana for every stack.

Alice has a very simple-to-use and understandable combo in Mobile legends. The combo of Alice starts with her first ability and reactivating it so you can teleport you want to go. Then follow her combo with her second ability, which stuns enemy heroes around her for a short period, followed by her ultimate. Stick around as many enemies, as the more enemies around you, the more spell steal alice gets.

Alice Best Spells in Mobile Legends

Flicker is one of the best spells of Alice in MLBB, as it gives you extra mobility and a much-needed gap closer to catch up with enemies. Going petrify spell is also a wise choice for Alice as it immobilizes enemies around you for the extra duration.

Alice Counters in Mobile Legends

Since Alice has lots of mobility and dashes, her major weakness is an enemy team comp with high crowd control that can hold her down and kill her. Another major weakness of Alice is anti-healing, as most of her sustain comes from her healing. If you get anti-healing, you can severely reduce the amount of sustain she will have.

Any heroes with a reliable amount of stun can easily counter and disable Alice in MLbb. Heroes like Kaja, Kai and even tigeral are the counters to Alice. Moreover, Alice is strong against any heroes that can’t out-damage her sustain heal.

Best Build of Alice in Mobile Legends

The clock of destiny is a MUST item to build Alice a tank as it provides magic power, health and mana, staking into the late game. Since Alice struggles with mana in MLBB, the Demon shoe is the best build item to solve her mana issue.

Ice Queen ward is a good item on Alice as it provides extra spell steal and slows enemies around you. Dominance ice gives you more mana and armor and slows the attack speed of nearby enemies.

Oracle, as the fifth item, will provide Alice with tremendous healing and increase her regen effect by 30%. Finally, you go glowing wand for the extra health and damage per second.

Best emblems set for Alice

To make Alice a savage, you can strengthen her build with the Mage emblem, as it gives attributes that work well. This emblem set gives you +3 agility+ and 3 observation, and it also gives you extra magic penetration.

Best Alice skin

Divine owl alice is the best skin for Alice in MLBB due to the different animation and effects. However, this skin is not available in the shop.