Aldous MLBB Best Build, Counter, Emblem, Spell, Combo

Aldous MLBB Best Build, Counter, Emblem, Spell, Combo

Aldous is a fighter/tank in Mobile Legends who can deal massive damage while gaining a tremendous shield. This ability makes the Aldous a hard-to-kill champion. This article will guide you with the best Build, Emblem, Spell, Combo, Counter and skin of Aldous in MLBB.

How to Play Aldous in Mobile Legends?

Aldous has a unique playstyle making him very fun and refreshing to play. He is also one of the few MLBB heroes with a global ultimate. His true power comes from his ability to stack his first ability, which you can stack till infinite, which means the longer the game goes, Aldous will longer stack his first ability by either killing enemy heroes or any enemy units, then the stronger he becomes.

Aldous’s combo only becomes effective if he has enough stacks on his first ability to deal damage. So make sure to stack up and farm. With the Aldous combo, firstly, you use your ultimate, which gives a vision of all 5 enemy heroes, and you can choose to fly towards any hero you want. Then when you reach their destination, press your second ability to stun them and then use your first ability to deal tons of damage.

So, by considering these combos and playstyles, you can play and master Aldous in MLBB.

Best Aldous Spells in Mobile Legends

If you are playing Aldous in the jungle, retribution is the perfect ML spell for him. This spell allows you to clear jungle camps more effectively and farm. However, if you play the Aldous in exp lane, going a flicker spell is the best as you can surprise enemies with flicker and stun, giving them less time to react. Overall, spells like Retribution and Flicker are best to strengthen the Build of MLBB Aldous.

Aldous Counters in Mobile Legends

One of the weaknesses of Aldous is the lack of damage without his stacks which makes him a mid to late-game hero. So make sure to survive in the early game and farm and get enough stacks to impact the game.

Since Aldous is a late-game hero, he gets easily countered by heroes with the best early gameplay that can bully him. So, the heroes that counter Aldous in MLBB are chou, badang, and the heroes with the best early game.

Aldous is strong against any hero having less mobility or tends to farm alone, as he can use his ultimate and pick them off. Heroes like Ling and Hayabusa are weak against Aldous in ML.

Aldous Best Build in Mobile Legends

Aldous Best Build

The endless battle is the perfect first item to build Aldous a tank, as it provides you everything you need in the early game, like physical attack, mana regen, health, movement speed and massive damage.

War axe is another best item for Aldous build in MLBB, as it provides you with cooldown speed. With this build, Aldous can stack more and get extra damage which stacks. You really don’t need much damage on adlous as most of his damage comes from his stacks, so you should go brute force breastplate as your fourth build item. This item provides him with movement speed and cooldown, followed by immortality lastly, your item will be a malefic roar for extra physical penetration.

Best emblem Set to Build Aldous a savage in Mobile Legends

Aldous Best Emblem

Assassin, by far, is one of the best emblems for adlous in MLBB, as it gives you the max amount of physical damage and physical pen cooldown reduction. This emblem provides you with +13 physical attack, +11.50 physical pen, +2% movement speed,+5% cooldown reduction and some crict chance.

MLBB Aldous Skin

Aldous blazing force

One of Aldous’s best but rare skins is a blazing force, as it has a unique voice-over, animation, and effect. The animation feels very fancy; you can buy Blazing force skin for just 899 diamonds in Mobile Legends.