Wild Rift Lag issue: How to fix it?

Wild Rift Lag issue: How to fix it?

You might not perform well in the Wild Rift battlefield because of lagging, so I will give you some Effective tips to fix the lag issue in the game.

Like any other online game, the outcome of Wild rift matches heavily depends on your pings and smooth gameplay.

LOL: Wild Rift is barely playable when you are lagging and have a low refresh rate, especially during team fights where every movement and ability is significant to decide the outcome.

Best way to Fix Lag Issue in LoL Wild Rift

1. Lowering game graphics

One of the efficient ways to reduce lag in Wild Rift is lowering the game graphics or customizing it to the optimal level. Trust me, I know it feels good and tempting to play the game at the highest graphics level. But do you want to sacrifice good ping and FPS for that?

It’s a well-known fact now that the higher the graphics are in any game, the higher chance of game lagging. In some cases, complete crashing and freezing.

It is compulsory to solve a lagging problem as if your device starts to lag or freeze during major Wild Rift team fights, you can never win any games.

It’s better to have lower graphics but smoother gameplay than to have very high graphics, but the lag problem. Remember, the lower the graphics, the smoother the gameplay.

But I recommend you put WildRift graphics on performance as it doesn’t sacrifice much of your FPS and reduce lag. However, you can change this and lower it more if it still lags for you.

2. Closing all background apps

It is easy, and I’m sure much explanation is not needed here. Before you Launch Wild Rift, close all background apps as this step brings a positive change in the FPS level. So, make sure no apps are running in the background and slowing your device while gaming.

3. Turn on dual-channel communication in settings

It is a setting option, but not all players know about it. Enabling the dual-channel communication option from Wild Rift settings makes the stable connection and improves ping.

This setting uses both your wifi and mobile data if you have it on to find the fastest internet speed, which makes your game noticeably quicker. So go to settings and turn it on.

4. Disabling highlights

Another feature that you might now have known that is slowing down your gameplay quality is the playback highlights in the feature. What this does is whenever you have this option turned on in the settings, it automatically records all your gameplay while you are in-game, which you can already guess, slows down your device by a noticeable amount.

It slows down your device to the point that even wildrift tells you about it whenever you try and turn it on in the settings. So, I recommend turning off the Highlight setting option in Wild Rift to fix the lag issue.