Most Underrated Champions in Wild Rift

Most Underrated Champions in Wild Rift

Here, I will list out the Five most underrated champions who are super strong, but only a few players use them in Wild Rift. These champions are hard to learn and take time, but once you master them, it’ll be more than worth it. Yes, once master these underrated champs, you can stomp your solo queue games easily.

Wild rift is a complicated game as there are more than 75 champions currently. And the outcome of every match depends on how good of champs you and your team are using. Even if you are full of pros, but all of your teammates are using useless champions against an opponent, then your team will lose.

Due to this reason, Wild Rift player who plays rank always prefers to use champions with the Strongest ability in the current meta to win with a high chance.

Top 5 Most Underrated Champions in Wild Rift

1. Camille

Camille is a very versatile champion as she can provide so much for herself and her team. Her laning phase is very strong due to her second ability to poke and heal. Also, she has an insane roam from the third ability that helps her climb over any wall closing the gap.

She is hard to use because her third ability is uneasy. And her first ability is where you have to wait for some time before you give damage instead of just using it again straight away and doing far less damage.

Camille is one of the most underrated pick champions in the Wild rift, but if you learn how to play her, you can dominate 1v9 matches as well. Even if you build a full tank, she will still do an insane amount of damage.

Her ultimate can target a single enemy champion and keep them in the same place for 4 seconds in the late game that almost guarantees a free kill. She is a reliable carrier that can soak damage and dish out damage, at the same time.

2. Olaf

In Wild Rift, Olaf is a Hard snowballing champion who does insanely well against teams full of CC and stuns. His ultimate can ignore all disables for 5 seconds.

Olaf is a super underrated wild rift champion as his ability gives damage that is best for securing the objectives. He also wins 1v1 against almost every single enemy Jungler as he gains more attack speed and life steal the lower he is. Either you play Olaf or not, but one thing is true- Olaf has good healing and attacking skills.

I suggest you give Olaf a try as I rarely see olafs being picked in Wild Rift ranked matches even tho how broken he is currently.

3. Twisted fate

Twisted Fate in Wild Rift

Twisted Fate is Another least picked, but that has always been a strong, and reliable champion in Wild Rift. He is not like your typical Traditional mid laner who can solo carry the game. I mean, he still can, but not in the way you think.

He can 1v9 games by roaming constantly and getting his team ahead while making sure the enemy team doesn’t farm. TW is a team-reliant champion, and players dislike picking him because of this reason. No one roams while playing tf, and they stay in the lane that beats the whole purpose of playing twisted fate and then complaining about how useless he is.

You should be all over the map with TF, but if you are not, then you’re playing this champion wrong. Twisted fate also takes time to learn due to his card mechanics and roam Learning. I highly suggest you give twisted fate a try, even though he is underrated in Wild Rift.

4. Draven

Most Underrated Champion in Wild Rift

I can say with confidence and without any doubt that Draven is currently the hardest marksman to play in the wild rift. He is too strong an AD carry that you rarely see in your ranked games due to how hard he is to play.

But once in a blue moon, you will see a draven player on your ranked games that easily dominate the early game and carry the game by himself without much struggle.

Draven takes a much time to learn, so be patient with him while mastering him, and don’t give up midway. Trust me, he takes time, but once you learn Draven, you can easily carry any games with his insane damage.

His passive ability gives him more gold and kills and makes it easier to be Full build. But also, this champion is rare in the ranked matches of Wild Rift.

5. Leona

Leona Champion in Wild Rift

Leona is underrated support that provides everything for her team. Like an insane amount of stuns, slow, gap closer and shield, front liner in team fights, and tankiness. But, nobody plays Leona in Wild Rift because players underestimate her and think she is weak, but she is not. I suggest you try Leona and go proper build and go straight for the backline during every team fight and disrupt them, and you will see how Underrated Leona is.


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