LoL Wild Rift Rengar Build: Best Spell, Counter, Rune, Item

LoL Wild Rift Rengar

Rengar is an assassin champion in LoL Wild Rift whom you can play in the jungle or baron lane. He is a very versatile champ, as he is one of the few assassins in a game that can build full lethality, full tank, or even semi-lethality and tanky and still manage to hard-carry games.

How to Play Rengar in Wild Rift? His Combo

As tempting as this may seem, Rengar is a bit easy to use but is very hard to master and unlock his full carry potential. So do not expect to immediately 1vs9 games as soon as you play him. But do not be discouraged, as you will eventually get to that level with enough practice.

I know this because I have played Rengar to get to the challenger multiple times just because I main him and have been playing him for some time now.

Rengar has many combos he can use in the Wild Rift; the most common combo is using his ultimate first, followed by his full burst combo. It includes his first ability followed by his second and third abilities, which gives you a full stack of his passive and empowered ability.

I usually use his empowered first ability for extra damage if I know I can one-shot the target. I use the empowered second ability to soak damage and heal back if I know I am getting burst and will take a lot of damage. If I know the target has a flash or a dash ability, I sometimes use the empowered third ability of Rengar.

So, if you use these combos of Rengar, you can play him well and master him in a few days.

Rengar Build Guide in LoL Wild Rift

Rengar Build

Rengar’s Counters in Wild Rift

Rengar doesn’t have many weaknesses, as he can build accordingly in-game due to his versatility. But if he were to have one flaw, it would be the player’s lack of knowledge of the champion and the player continuously using the wrong combo and empowered abilities. Other than that, Rengar is pretty much a safe pick that you can first pick.

Moreover, champs like Amumu, Alof, Wukong, and Xin Zhao are strong against the Rengar in Wild Rift, and Rengar can counter Evelynn and Vi. The Rengar goes well with Evelynn and Orianna.

Rengar’s Best Items

The first best item on Rengar is a Trinity Force, as it provides you with everything from attack speed to cool down to extra health and movement speed. Similarly, another perfect build item for Rengar in LoL Wild Rift is Bloodthirster. Life stealer, as his third item, will allow him to sustain more in the jungle and heal up any damage he takes.

Deaths dance, another best item of Rengar in Wild Rift, will make him very hard to kill and give him extra armor, followed by streaks gage for the extra shield. The last item, mortal reminder, will be ideal to build a Rengar armor pen and anti-healing.

Rengar’s Best Runes in Wild Rift

Always go conqueror rune on Rengar rather than lethality, as rengar likes to engage in combat. His second-best rune will be a triumph for the extra healing. You should always pick the hunter titan rune on rengar for the extra health and tenacity and mastermind as your last rune for more damage to monsters and turrets.

Rengar’s Best Spells in Wild Rift

Flash and smite are always ideal spells for Rengar; however, I tend to pick ignite and smite on rengar because I know how to get value out of ignite. But don’t pick ignite and smite if you are not confident in your ability.

Rengar’s Skin: Pretty Kitty Rengar

Rangar's Skin: Pretty Kitty Rengar

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