Swain Wild Rift Build | Best Items, Runes, Spells & More

Swain Wild Rift Build | Best Items, Runes, Spells & More

This article will guide you with the best Swain Build, his items, runes, spells, counters, combo and skin in LoL Wild Rift.

Swain is a Mage hero in League of Legends: Wild Rift that functions as a fighter and deals damage per second rather than Straight bursts like other mages. He is known for being a late-game menace and power-scaling monster. He is also easy to use, and when you get the hang of this champion, you can hard carry your ranked games.

Swain is relatively weak in the early game, but once you get 2-3 full items, he’ll become a better champ. So play safe in the early game, getting ready to carry in the late game. You can play him in the top lane or mid lane, but you can also play as adc if your teammates trust you.

Swain Combo

His second ability lets you channel a long-distance skill shot that slows targets hit for a few seconds. You can use your third ability to root them and activate them again to pull them towards you, followed by your ultimate. Be sure to stand near as many enemies as you will get life steal off of damaging enemies with your ULT, and again use your ULT for max damage.

Swain Spells
Best spell of swain in wild rift
You always take Flash and Ignite Spell for Swain for the grievous wound and kill potential. But you can also build Swain with Flash and exhaust spells against heavy damage enemies like Zed and Katarina. You should never take smite for him as he is weak in the jungle, and going jungle swain is just trolling.

Swain Runes

Here is the set of LoL Wild Rift Runes to strengthen the build of Swain:


Since Swain is a fighter that is always engaged in fighting, he can make full use of this time and stack his conqueror for max damage
best rune of Swain wild rift
Gathering storm 
Gathering Storm is good for the late game as Swain is a late-game champ, and this rune scales well with him.

Second wind 
Since you are weak in the early game, going second wind will help you sustain in lane.

Mana flow band 
Since he struggles with mana problems going mana flow band solves this problem.

Swain Items

Here are the best Wild Rift Items for the Swain Build:

Swain build item
Rod of ages 
Rod of Ages is the perfect first item for Swain build, as you can scale, and this item grants you health, magic power and cooldown. This item is also very good at the late game as it stacks more after every takedown making you a late-game monster.

Rift maker 
Since he has lots of aoe abilities, he benefits very well with rift maker as it grants spell vamp, so going rift maker as a second item is very good.

Rylais crystal 
This item grants you tons of health and sustain, and grants slow in all of your ability power which can be useful to catch up with enemy champs.

Raboodon Deathcap
Deathcap grants you bonus magic power. So rushing it third item grants you extra bonus damage and ability power.
Wild rift item
Your last item will be Morellos for the extra cooldown and reduced healing.

Swain Counters

Since Swain has no mobility and dashes, one of his weaknesses is his lack of mobility. He can not catch up with enemies and can get kited easily. Another weakness of Swain is anti-heal. Most of his durability and tackiness come from his constant life steal. Once the enemy team gets anti-heal, he will be reduced drastically in sustain.

So, the champions that counter Swain are Vayne, Gwen and Yone. However, he is weak against Jhin, Samira and Aurelion in Wild Rift.

Swain Skin

Tyrant Swain