Farlight 84 All SMG Weapons | Ranked Best to Worst

Farlight 84 All SMG Weapons | Ranking Best to Worst

Farlight 84 is a Battle Royale game that offers varieties of Arsenals to the players, so they can get more fun and satisfaction while roaming in the battleground. Some players prefer to pick AR, whereas others want to pack with the Snipers, SMG or Shotguns. This article will talk about SMG, which performs satisfactory damage with a high firing range. There are a total of 5 SMG in the Farlight 84, and here is the list:

Farlight 84 White DwarfWhite Dwarf
Mad Rabbit Farlight 84Mad Rabbit

All SMG Weapons in Farlight 84 Ranked

Top 1: UZI

Like other battle royale games, UZI, a Sub Machine Gun, performs best in short-range battles in the Farlight 84 due to its well-balanced ability. In this game, UZI is a better SMG than the UMP 99. The damage output is Normal, but the optimum firing rate will not let your opponent flee from the short-range heavy fights. It is a highly mobile SMG gun with good accuracy. However, you will have to practice some unranked games as the recoil of the UZI is not very good, which is its weakness.

Top 2: White Dwarf

White Dwarf is one of the low-recoil SMGs in Farlight 84, and its high firing rate and damage make it the best gun in this category. It is a lightweight gun, and its range is also wide. So, not only for the short-range battles, you can use it for the medium-range battles. Overall, it is a suitable SMG to get high kills in the game.

Top 3: UMP99

The combination of damage output and the rate of fire of UMP99 will surely give you victory in the battleground. However, the recoil and accuracy often upset you if you don’t practice it before the match. The good thing about the UMP99 is its high range, high damage and firing speed. But with the best attachments, you can make this SMG a perfect pick.

Top 4: MF18

MF18 is a stable SMG in the game after White Dwarf. It is a medium-range sub-machine gun, but you must build it with the best attachment to get more accuracy. The rate of firing is good, and it is a highly mobile weapon.

Top 5: Mad Rabbit

Farlight 84 has no worst SMG, but I listed Mad Rabbit gun in the last number because its default form is inferior to other options. I have done this based on my experience. Its firing rate, accuracy, mobility, range, stability and damage is balanced, and the proper attachment selection will make it even better.