Natasha Honkai Star Rail Build | Light Cones, Relics, Teams

Natasha Honkai Star Rail Build | Light Cones, Relics, Teams

This article will guide you with the best Natasha Healer Build in Honkai Star Rail, her Light Cones, Relics, Teams and Ascension Materials. In addition, here you will find the best alternative options to build Natasha as F2P in the game.

Natasha is a 4-star Rarity Character, and you can unlock her through the Steller Wrap and by completing the Lying in the Rust quest. She is a Physical Element Character from The Abundance Path Character. She is one of the best Healer characters in the game.

Talking about Natasha’s Talent in Brief:- When she uses her Technique, she enters battle immediately and deals Physical DMG to one of the enemies. The enemies who get the attack become weak and will deal less DMG to the character for one turn. Her skill will heal a selected character first. After she uses her skill, she will heal the selected character again after the enemy turn ends for 2 turns. Natasha Ultimate will heal all the characters.

Natasha Materials

Here is the list of total materials required to upgrade the Natasha Level to 80 in Honkai Star Rail:

MaterialsQuantityHow to Obtain
Ancient Partx12The Ancient Part can be obtained by defeating Automaton Grizzly, Automaton Spider and Automaton Direwolf
Ancient Spindle x13By levelling up your equilibrium
Ancient Engine x12By defeating those enemies
Broken Teeth of Iron Wolf x50You can obtain the Broken Teeth of Iron Wolf from Stagnant Shadow
Credits 246KBy progressing the game

Similarly, these are the total materials required to ascend Natasha’s abilities and talents:

Ancient Spindle x42
Flower of Eternity x105
Sprout of Life x54
Seed of Abundance x12
Ancient Part x28
Tracks of Destiny x5
Guardian’s Lament x12
Ancient Engine x42
Credits x2,400,000

Natasha Best Team Comp

  • Himeko+Asta+Tingyun+Natasha


(Read Himeko Build)
Main DPS



(Read Tingyun Build)
Honkai Star Rail Natasha

Natasha will always play a healer role in every team comps. Here, Himeko will be the Main-DPS, and she will deal AoE DMG to the enemies, which can be good to deal DMG to multiple enemies. Asta is going to be Support Character and Sub-DPS. She will give ATK% to Himeko to increase her DMG and Give SPD buff to all the characters with her Ultimate.

Similarly, Tingyun will be the Dedicated Support for Himeko as she will give energy to Himeko so she can use her Ultimate more often. She will provide an ATK% buff. As usual, Natasha will play a healer role in this team, as she will do healing with her Skill and Ultimate. You can use her here to deplete the Toughness bar of Physical Element Enemies. 

Natasha Teams F2P

Here are the Free-to-play teams you must build for Natasha in Honkai Star Rail: 

  • Arlan+Asta+Dan Heng+Natasha


(Read Asta Build)

Dan Heng
(Read Dan Build)
Main DPS
Honkai Star Rail Natasha

You can pick Arlan for the Sub-DPS role due to the Nature of his kit. He can also be used to deal DMG to multiple enemies or break the Toughness bar of multiple enemies at once who are weak to Lightning Element. Asta will be the Support Character as she is from The Harmony Path. She can be a good support as she provides ATK% to the party. 

Dan Heng is the Single Target DPS, who will beat Elite enemies with higher HP. He can also be used to break the Toughness bar of the enemies who are weak against Wind Element. Similarly, in this F2p Team, Natasha will provide HP to the members for longer sustain.

  • Sushang+Tingyun+Herta+Natasha 

Main DPS


(Read Herta Build)
Honkai Star Rail Natasha

Natasha will be the best healer in this F2P team. Sushang will be the Main DPS to take down Elite Enemy, and Tingyun will be the Support character to provide Buff to Sushang so she can deal with more DMG. You can pick Herta as Sub-DPS, as she will deal DMG to multiple Enemies with her Skill and Ultimate. She will also deal with DMG with her Follow up Attacks.

Her Light Cones

Here are the Honkai Star Rail Best Light Cones(Weapons) to build Natasha as Healer:

Premium OptionsDescription
Natasha Best build light cone honkai star rail
Time Waits for No One 
This 5-star Light cone increases Natasha’s Max HP by 18% and the outgoing healing ability by 12%. These two effects are going to enhance her healing effect. It also deals DMG equal to 50% of the healing she does with her skill. So, you can use this Light Cone(weapon) for the Natasha Healing and Damage Build.

Warmth Shortens Cold Nights
It increases the Max HP by 16% and does extra healing to all the characters when her basic ATK is used. The healing is done based on each character’s Max HP.
Natasha F2P Light ConesDescription
F2P Light Cone Natasha Honkai Star Rail
Post-Op Conversation
Post-Op Conversation is a great Light cone for Natasha to build her F2P, as it increases the Energy Regeneration rate by 8%, which can help to get her Ultimate back. It also increases the outgoing healing of a character with their Ultimate by 12%.

This 3-star option increases the Outgoing healing by 12% of her Skill or Ultimate. You can use it in the early Stage of the game when you have no other options.

Her Relics

Here are the best relic sets to build Natasha a best healing character in Honkai Star Rail:

Passerby of Wandering Cloud
This relic increases the Healing by 10%, and At 4-piece, it recovers 1 Skill point, which can be good for the Skill economic of Natasha, including the whole party. This relic works as a Support as well as a Healing set.

Champion of Streetwise Boxing+Passerby of Wandering Cloud 
You can use Champion of Streetwise Boxing and Passerby of Wandering Cloud as it will increase her Physical DMG by 10% at 2-piece and her Healing as well by 10%. This set is going to be a mix for healing support as well as for Dealing with DMG.

Fleet of the Ageless
You can use The Fleet of the Ageless as this set increases the max HP by 12%, which can be efficient to increase the healing Bonus. When her SPD is 120 or above 120, it gives 8% ATK to her allies as well.