Himeko Build Honkai Star Rail | Includes F2P Guide

Himeko Build Honkai Star Rail | Includes F2P Guide
Heavenly Flare

Himeko is a 5-star Rarity Character who can be obtained from the Steller Warp or lost 50/50 in Limited Character Banner. She is a Fire Element Character in the game. In addition, she is an Erudition path Character who deals AoE DMG to enemies. This article will guide you with the Honkai Star Rail Build of Himeko, her best light cones, relics, teams, Ascension materials, talents and Free-to-play options.

Her Basic Talents

Himeko is a DPS character who can defeat multiple groups of Enemies. Her Technique creates a field for 15 seconds. When she enters the battle with her Technique active, she debuffs enemies, and they take 10% more fire DMG, which can be useful to deal DMG at the beginning of the battle. Her Basic ATK deals Fire DMG to a single Target enemy.

Himeko’s Skill Deals to a single Target enemy, and the enemies around the targeted enemy also get a bit of Fire DMG. Her Ultimate Deals a huge Fire DMG to all the enemies in the field. She gets 5 energies for each enemy when the enemies are defeated. 

Himeko Light Cone Build

Below the table shows the Light Cones in Honkai Star Rail, which works well on the Himeko build:

Meteor Swarm light cone of Himeko build
Meteor Swarm
Meteor Swarm is the signature Light Cone of Himeko. This Lightcone increases her ATK by 9% for every enemy that is on the field. It can increase her ATk by 45% max. When an enemy’s Toughness bar is depleted, she deals 30% more DMG to them for 1 turn.
Before Dawn Honkai Star Rail
Before Dawn
Before Dawn can also be a good Light cone for her as this Lightcone gives Crit DMG by 32%. This Lightcone increases the DMG of the Skill and Ultimate by 20% so she can deal with more DMG. This Lightcone also increases the follow ATK by 48%. As Himeko does follow attacks with her Talent, it can be a good stat to have on her.

Himeko Best Light Cones F2P

The Maiden in the Painting honkai star rail
The Maiden in the Painting
The Maiden in the Painting gives 24% DMG to the follow-up ATKs, which can be suitable Light Cone for Himeko F2P Build in Star Rail. This Lightcone also increases the DMG of Follow attack if the enemy HP is at 50% or below 50%. A total of 48% ATK can be obtained this way.
Get ReadyGet Ready can be a good alternative for him as it gives 12% DMG to Himeko on her attacks. This Lightcone gives an extra 4% ATK for each enemy she defeats. This can be stacked 3 times, giving a total of 12% ATK.

Himeko Team Build

  • Himeko+Gepard+Yanqing+Bronya

In this team composition, Himeko is the Main DPS who will deal DMG to multiple groups of enemies. She is great at taking down enemies with her Ultimate Skill. She also does Follow up attacks when enemies’ Shield Breaks. You need to break 3 enemies Toughness Bar to get her Follow up attack. Gepard is from the Preservation path, so he is a defensive or a Tank character who will provide a shield to all members. Gepard also deals with a bit of DMG, so he is the best character on the team of Himeko. 

Yanqing is from the Hunt path and is a single Target Sub-DPS character. He can be used to defeat Enemies with higher HP or Elite enemies. So, he can be a great character to have if you are fighting a single enemy who has high HP. Bronya is from The Harmony Path. She is one of the best supporters in the game. She can increase the DMG of one character when you use her Skill and remove Debuff from the character. Her Ultimate gives Buff to all the party members due to which she is a great support to have. 

Himeko Team Comps F2P 

  • Himeko+Tingyun+Pela+Natasha

Himeko will be the Main DPS in this Honkai Star Rail F2P team build. She will deal DMG with her Skill and Her Ultimate. This composition can be good as she can use her Follow up attack more due to the different Element characters. Tingyun is from The Harmony Path. She is one of the best supporters in the game as a 4-star character. She gives 25% ATK to one of the characters with her Skill. Her Ultimate gives 50 Energy to one of the characters and gives them 20% ATK for 2 turns. 

Pela is from The Nihility Path and debuffs the enemies. She is an AoE Sub-DPS with her Ultimate. Since she can also remove the Resistance of one enemy with her Skill. Natasha is a healer in this team, as she is from The Abundance Path.

  • Himeko+Asta+March 7th+Natasha 

Himeko will play DPS as always in this free-to-play Team comp since she is a dedicated DPS in Star Rail. Asta will be the Support Character as she is from The Harmony Path. She can be a good support as she provides ATK% to the entire team when she uses her Skill. Depending on the enemies she hits with her skill, she gives more ATK% to the entire party.

March 7th will be the Shield Character as she is from The Preservation Path. She gives a shield to a character which can be helpful to preserve a character’s HP against enemies who deal with huge Single target DMG. Natasha is a healer in this team as she is from The Abundance Path. She can heal your one character with her Skill, and with her Ultimate, she can heal all of the Party members, so she is one of the ones you want to have in the Team. 

Best Relics of Himeko

In this section, we will list the relics for the better build of Himeko in Honkai Star Rail:

Firesmith of Lava-Forging Honkai star rail
Firesmith of Lava-Forging
Firesmith of Lava-Forging is Himeko’s best relic set in Star Rail. This relic in a 2-piece set increases the Fire DMG by 10% as she is a fire Element Character so this will increase the DMG of every attack. The 4-piece set increases the DMG by 12%. When she uses her Ultimate, her Fire DMG is increased by 12% for the next attack she does.
Space Sealing Station honkai star rail
Space Sealing Station
Space Sealing Station increases ATK by 12%, it increases the ATK by a further 12% when the SPD of the character is above 120 at the 2-piece set. This relic is suitable if your Himeko has high SPD or you are using her with a support character who gives SPD, such as Asta.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat
Firesmith of Lava-Forging
You can build Himeko with a generic mix of two Relic sets, one of Musketeer of Wild Wheat, which gives 10% ATK at the 2-piece set and a 2-piece of Firesmith of Lava-Forging, which provides 10% Fire DMG. 

Himeko Materials

To ascend Himeko to level max 80, you will need these materials:

  1. Extinguished Core x15
  2. Glimmering Core x15
  3. Squirming Core x15 
  4. Endotherm Chitin x65 

The Extinguished Core can be obtained by defeating these Enemies:

  1. Flamespawn 
  2. Frostspawn 
  3. Windspawn
  4. Thunderspawn 
  5. Blaze Out of Space 
  6. Ice Out of Space 
  7. Mask of No Thought 

Depending on the level of your equilibrium, you can obtain Glimmering Core and Squirming Core by defeating those enemies mention above. You can use Synthesize to convert the lower-level Material to change into higher-level material. You can obtain The Endotherm Chiti by using your Trailblaze energy or exchanging it on Synthesize with other ascension Material.