Serval Honkai Star Rail Build | Light Cones, Relics & Teams

Serval Honkai Star Rail Build | Light Cones, Relics & Teams

Serval is a 4-star Rarity Character, and you will obtain her from Stellar Wrap. She is a Lightning Element Character from The Erudition Path. She is a good DPS and Sub-DPS character in the game. This article will guide you with the Serval Best Build, her Light Cones, Relics, Team and Ascension Materials in Honkai Star Rail. In addition, here you will find the alternative options to build Serval as F2P in the game.

Talking about the Basic Talent of Serval:- When she uses her Technique, she attacks the enemy and enters battle, and after entering the fight, she deals Lightning to one of the enemies applying Shock to the attacked enemy for 3 turns. They will get a Lightning shock at the beginning of each turn. Her Skill deals Lightning DMG to one of the enemies. The attack will deal DMG to the other enemies as well. There is a chance that she will apply the Shock effect to enemies as well. In addition, Serval Ultimate will deal a massive Lightning DMG to the enemy. When she attacks the enemies the enemy with her Ultimate, the enemy’s Shock effect will be extended for an extra 2 turns.

Serval Materials

Below the table shows the total materials required to ascend Serval level to 80 in Honkai Star Rail:

MaterialsRequiredHow to Obtain
Silvermane Badge x12By defeating Silvermane Guards, Everwinter Shadewalker, Incineration Shadewalker, Vagrant, Automaton Beetle, Automaton Hound
Silvermane Insignia x13Defeating those enemies
Silvermane Medal x12Defeating those enemies
Lightning Crown of the Past Shadow x50From Stagnant Shadow
Credits x246,000By progressing the game

Similarly, here, the table shows the total materials required to upgrade her Combat abilities and Traces in the game:

Tracks of Destiny x5
Key of Wisdom x105
Key of Knowledge x54
Key of Inspiration x12
Silvermane Medal x42
Credits x2,400,000
Guardian’s Lament x12
Silvermane Insignia x42
Silvermane Badge x28

Her Light Cones

The table shows the Honkai Star Rail Light Cones(Weapons), which are suitable for the Serval build:

5-Star OptionDescription
Serval Best Light cone honkai star rail
Before Dawn
Before Dawn is the best Light Cone to build Serval a good DPS as it increases her Crit DMG by 36% and her Skill and Ultimate DMG by 18%. Serval cannot use all effects of this weapon as it deals more DMG with the Follow-up attacks, and Since she does not do any Follow-up ATK, you can use it on that part.

Night on the Milky Way
Night on the Milky Way increases her ATK by 9% for every enemy on the field, which can reach 40%. When she depletes the enemy Toughness bar, she gains an extra 30% DMG which is good for killing enemies quickly.
Serval F2P Light ConesDescription
Serval Best F2p Light cone honkai star rail
Seriousness of Breakfast
You can use Seriousness of Breakfast Light Cone for the Serval F2P DPS build. It increases her DMG by 12%, and when she defeats an enemy, she gains 4% of the ATK. She can get a total of 12% in this way.

Geniuses’ Repose
Geniuses’ Repose increases the ATK of Serval by 16%; therefore, it is also a good F2P light cone for her. When she defeats an enemy, her Crit DMG is increased by 24% for the next 3 turns, which is best to enhance her DMG further each time she defeats an enemy. In addition, the wearer’s CRIT DMG increases by 24% for 3 turns (s).

Serval Best Team comp

  • Yanqing+Asta+Gepard+Serval

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Main DPS


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Shield Provider
Honkai Star Rail Serval

For the Main DPS Role, Yanqing will perform best. He will take down Elite Enemies and Bosses. He is an Ice Element character, so he can be used to break the Toughness bar of enemies who are weak to Ice Element. 

Asta is going to be the Support character. As she is from The Harmony Path, she can be great at giving Buff to the party. 

Gepard is from the Preservation path, so he is a defensive or a Tank character who will give a shield to the member for their longer sustainability. He also deals with a bit of DMG. Finally, add Serval to build this team comp perfectly. 

Serval F2P Teams

  • Serval+Natasha+Tingqing+Sushang
Honkai Star Rail Serval

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Main DPS

Serval is going to the Sub-DPS in this F2P team and will deal DMG to enemies with her Ultimate most of the time. For the Main DPS role, Sushang is the best choice as she is a good character to counter elite enemies. Similarly, for healing, you can add Natasha to the group. 

Finally, Tingyun will be the Support character who will provide Buff to Sushang and Serval so they can deal with more DMG. She will also give Energy to Serval, which she can use to use her Ultimate more.

  • Herta+Serval+Natasha+Asta

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Main DPS
Honkai Star Rail Serval


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In this Free-to-play team, Herta will be the Main DPS, whereas Serval will be the Shield provider in this team. And without a doubt, Natasha will play a healer role. Asta is also going to be the Support Character. She is from The Harmony Path, so she will be a good support character as she provides SPD buff to all the party members. 

Her Relics

Here are the best relics to build Serval a better DPS/Sub-DPS character in Honkai Star Rail:

Band of Sizzling Thunder
This Relic increases the Lightning DMG by 10% at the 2-piece set, and at a 4-piece set, it increases 25% ATK for 1 turn when Serval uses her Skill. Since Serval uses her Skill frequently, this relic set is good for her DPS build. In addition, Band of Sizzling Thunder also increase the DMG of her Ultimate after using her Skill.

You can also use the combo of a 2-piece of Band of Sizzling Thunder and a 2-piece of Musketeer of Wild Wheat. It will increase the 10% Lightning DMG, giving a 10% ATK.
Serval best relic honkai star rail
Space Sealing Station
Space Sealing Station is an alternative option for her. It will increase her ATK by 12% at the 2-piece set, further increasing her ATK by 12% when her SPD is above 120. You can use this when you play her with characters such as Asta, who gives SPD Buff with her Ultimate.