Gepard Honkai Star Rail Build | Light Cones, Team, Relics

Gepard Honkai Star Rail Build | Light Cones, Team, Relics

Gepard is a 5-star Rarity Character, and you can obtain him from the Steller Warp or losing 50/50 in Limited Character Banner. He is an Ice Element Character from The Preservation Path who is good at providing Shields to allies and can tank a lot of DMG from the enemies. This article will guide you with the Gepard Best build, his Light Cones, Relics, Teams and ascension materials in Honkai Star Rail. In addition, here you will find the best options to build Gepard as F2P in the game.

Talking the talent of Gepard in Brief:- When he uses his Technique, all the characters Gain a Shield. His Skill Deals Ice DMG to one of the selected enemies, and it has a 65% chance to freeze an enemy. Similarly, his Ultimate applies Shield to all the characters, which will absorb DMG for 3 turns. Gepard’s talent has strength because if an enemy deals a killing blow to him, he will not die immediately. He will recover 25% of his HP. You can use this talent once in a battle.

Gepard Materials

These are the total materials required to upgrade Gepard level to 80 in Honkai Star Rail:

MaterialsQuantityHow to Obtain
Silvermane Badge x15x15The Silvermane Badge can be obtained by defeating Silvermane Guards, Everwinter Shadewalker, Incineration Shadewalker, Vagrant, Automaton Beetle and Automaton Hound
Silvermane Insignia x15x15Levelling up Equilibrium
Silvermane Medal x15x15Defeating all those mentioned enemies
Horn of Snow x65x65From Stagnant Shadowor you can get it from Synthesize by exchanging it with other ascend material.

Gepard Best Team comp

  • Pela+Gepard+Yanqing+Herta

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Pela is from The Nihility Path and will play debuffer role. She can help Yanqing to deal with more DMG. She can help by removing buff from enemies with her Skill.
Honkai Star Rail Gepard
Gepard is from the Preservation path, so he is a defensive or a Tank character who will grant a shield to the team members to save thier HP.

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Yanqing will be the Main DPS who will take down the Elite enemies. He can take down the enemy with high HP with ease due to his abilities.

(Read Herta Build)
Herta will be the Sub-DPS as she is from The Erudition Path. She deals AoE DMG to the Enemies with Ice Attacks which can be good to break the Toughness Bar of multiple enemies with a single attack.

Free-to-Play Teams

Here are the best F2P team comps you must build for Gepard in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Gepard+Dan Heng+Herta+Asta
Honkai Star Rail Gepard
Gepard is going to be the Shielder in this F2P Team.

Dan Heng
Dan Heng is going to the Main DPS as he is from The Hunt Path; he will deal a lot of DMG to the enemies. He can be used to take down Elite enemies or enemies who have high HP.

Herta is going to be Sub-DPS, and you can use her to deal DMG to Multiple enemies with her Skill and Ultimate. Her Follow up attack can also be useful to deal DMG to enemies.


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Asta is also going to be the Support Character. She is from The Harmony Path, so she is going to be a good support character as she provides SPD buff to all the party members.
  • Gepard+Arlan+Qingque+Asta
Honkai Star Rail Gepard
In this F2P team, Gepard will be the Shield provider.

(Read Arlan Build)
Arlan will be the Sub-DPS due to the Nature of his kit. He can also be used to deal DMG to multiple enemies or break the Toughness bar of multiple enemies at once who are weak to Lightning Element.

Qingque is going to be the Main DPS, as she can deal a lot of DMG with her attacks. She is a Quantum Element character, so she can be used to deplete the Toughness Bar of the enemies who are weak to Quantum Element

Asta is also going to be the Support Character. She is from The Harmony Path, so she is going to be a good support character as she provides SPD buff to all the party members.

Gepard’s Best Light Cones

Here are the Honkai Star Rail Light Cones(weapons) for the Gepard best Build:

5-Star/4-Star OptionsDescription
Gepard 5-star light cone honkai star rail
Moment of Victory
Moment of Victory is the best 5-star Light Cone of Gepard, as this weapon increases his DEF by 24% and Effect Hit Rate by 24%. The DEF increase is going to help him to improve his shield. As Gepard has a chance to Freeze the enemy with his Skill, the effect of Hit Rate will help him to increase the chance to freeze the enemy. This weapon also increases the chance for Gepard to be attacked by enemies. When Gepard is hit by the enemy it increases his DEF by an extra 24% until the end of his turn improving his Shield more.
Gepard best 4-star weapon honkai star rail
This is Me!
This is Me! is the alternative Light Cone for him. It increases his DEF by 16%. When Gepard uses his Ultimate, the DMG dealt to the enemy is increased depending on the Gepard DEF. This Lightcone improves his Shield as well as gives him extra DMG
Gepard F2P Light ConesDescription
Landau's Choice The wearer Honkai Star Rail
Landau’s Choice The wearer
This F2P Light cone can be good, as Gepard is one of the strongest Tanks in the game and can absorb a lot of DMG. This Lightcone also reduced the DMG taken by Gepard by 16%.
Gepard F2P build Light cone
Day One of My New Life
Day One of My New Life also increases the Gepard DEF by 16%; therefore, it is alternative Free-to-play weapon to build him. It gives 8% DMG Resistance to all the allies when they enter Battle. This Lightcone increases Gepard Shield HP increasing the survival chance of all the allies.

Gepard’s Best Relic Sets

Gepard best build relic
King of Purity Palace
King of Purity Palace is the best Relic of Gepard as this Relic increases the DEF by 15%. It will increase the HP of his shield. This Relic increases the Shield HP by 20% at 4-piece. Overall, this is the best Relic to increase the Shielding to all the characters given by Gepard.

Belobog of the Architects
Belobog of the Architects is also a great Relic to build Gepard as it increases his DEF by 15%. It also gives an extra 15% DEF when Gepard has a 50% Effect Hit. As he has Effect Hit due to his Skill, this set will work well on him.

Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise
It is alternative option for him as it will increase Effect Hit by 10% at 2-piece, which will help him to Freeze enemies more often with his Skill. This further increases the ATK up to 25% depending on the Effect Hit of Gepard. This Relic will improve his DMG and support capabilities in the game.