Qingque Honkai Star Rail Build | Light Cones, Relics & Teams

Qingque Honkai Star Rail Build | Light Cones, Relics & Teams

Qingque is a 4-star Rarity Character, and you will obtain her for free after clearing Forgotten Hall Memory Stage 3 or through the Steller Wrap. She is a Quantum Element Character from The Erudition Path Character. She is a DPS character and Sub-DPS in the game. This article will guide you with the Qingque Best Build, her Light Cones, Relics, Team and Ascension Materials in Honkai Star Rail. In addition, here you will find the alternative options to build Qingque as F2P in the game.

Talking about the Basic Talent of Qingque:- When she uses her Technique, she Draws 2 tiles after entering the Battle, and Skill lets her Draw 2 tiles. You can use her Skill more than once, which will help her get the same Tiles as Tiles and increase her Normal ATK DMG. Qingque Ultimate will deal Quantum DMG to all enemies. After she deals DMG to the enemy, she instantly gains 4 tiles of the same types, which will help to deal more DMG to enemies.

Qingque Materials

Below the table shows the total materials required to ascend Qingque level to 80 in Honkai Star Rail:

Credits x246,000
Thief’s Instinct x12
Usurper’s Scheme x13
Conqueror’s Will x12
Void Cast Iron x50

Similarly, here, the table shows the total materials required to upgrade her Combat abilities and Traces in the game:

Credits x2,400,000
Thief’s Instinctx28
Usurper’s Schemex42
Conqueror’s Willx42
Key of Inspirationx12
Key of Knowledgex54
Key of Wisdomx105
Guardian’s Lamentx12
Tracks of Destinyx5

Qingque Best Team comp

  • Bronya+Seele+Qingque+Gepard

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Main DPS
Honkai Star Rail Quingque

Shield Provider

Bronya will play a supportive role and provide ATK Buff to all the characters so they can deal more DMG to all the enemies. Seele will be the Main DPS as she is one of the strongest Characters from The Hunt Path. She can be good at taking Down Elite Boss with High HP. 

Qingque will be the Sub-DPS in this Team composition, and she will deal DMG with her Basic ATK as it can deal a lot of DMG with her Talent. Gepard is from The Preservation Path Gerard is going to be the Shield. He will give Shield to all the characters and Tank most of The DMG from the enemies. 

Qingque Teams F2P

  • Qingque+Asta+Arlan+Natasha
Honkai Star Rail Quingque
Main DPS

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Buff Provider

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Qingque will play the Main DPS role and deal DMG to enemies with her Ultimate and Basic ATK. Asta will provide an SPD buff to all the party members. Arlan is going to be the Sub-DPS. As Qingque takes a lot of Skill points, Arlan can be a good character in this F2P team comp as he doesn’t require Skill points to use his Skill. Finally, you can choose Natasha for healing.

  • Sushang+Tingyun+Qingque+Natasaha
Honkai Star Rail Quingque

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Main DPS

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Qingque will play the Sub-DPS role, and Natasha will heal all members. Sushang will be the Main-DPS to take down enemies with high HP or Elite enemies. Similarly, Tingyun will play a support role as she is from The Harmony Path. She will give ATK% boost to DPS and Sub-DPS. She will also give Energy to the characters so they can use their Ultimate more often. 

Her Light Cones

Here are the Honkai Star Rail Light Cones(Weapons) suitable for the Qingque build:

Qingque 5-star Light cone honkai Star Rail
Night on the Milky Way
It is Light Cone of Qingque to build her DPS. It will increase her ATK% by 9% for every enemy on the field, which can be Stacked 5 times, giving her a total of 45% of ATK%. When Qingque depletes an enemy Toughness bar, she gains an extra 30% DMG to her for one turn.

Today Is Another Peaceful Day
Today Is Another Peaceful Day is a battle pass Light Cone which will increase her DMG based on the Energy cost of her Ultimate. She can gain a total of 28% DMG from this effect. So, you can use this to build her Sub-DPS in the game.
Qingque F2P Light ConesDescription
F2P light cone of Qingqing honkai star rail
The Seriousness of Breakfast
It is a good Light Cone for the Qingque F2P Build. The Seriousness of Breakfast increases her DMG by 12%. Every time she defeats an enemy, she gains a total of 12% ATK.

Passkey is a 3-star Lightcone which increases the Energy by 8 points every time Qingque uses her ATK. She can use her Skill more than once at a time, so this can be a great Free-to-play light cone for her if you want to keep using her Ultimate.

Her Relics

Here is the best Relic sets to build Qingque a better DPS/Sub-DPS Character in Honkai Star Rail:

Honkai star rail best relic of qingque
The Genius of Brilliant Star 
The genius of Brilliant Star is Relic as the best Relic of Qingque as it gives a 10% Quantum DMG Bonus at the 2-piece set, and at a 4-piece set, it decreases the DEF by 10% of the targeted enemy. In addition, if the enemy has Quantum Weakness the DEG ignored increased to 20%.

You can give her a mix of two Relic; You can use Genius of Brilliant Star 2-piece, which provides a 10% Quantum DMG Bonus. You can use a 2-piece set of another Relic, which increases the ATK%. For example, you can use Musketeer of Wild Wheat, which gives 10% ATK.

Celestial Differentiator
Celestial Differentiator is also a good option for her as it increases her Crit Rate by 8%. It also increases her Normal ATK and Skill DMG by 20% if her Crit Rate is 80% or higher. As most of the Qingque DMG comes from her Basic ATK, this relic can be a good option for her DPS build.