Bronya Honkai Star Rail Build Guide | Best Options

Bronya Honkai Star Rail Build Guide | Best Options

Bronya is a 5-star Rarity support Character, and you can unlock her from the Steller Warp or losing 50/50 in Limited Character Banner. She is a Wind Element Character from The Harmony Path in the game. This article will guide you with the Bronya Rand Build, her best light cones, teams, relics and ascension materials in Honkai Star Rail. Moreover, this article has included the recommended options for Bronya F2P build in the game.

Talking about Basic Talents:- When Bronya uses her Technique and enters the fight, she gives 15% ATK to all of her allies for 2 turns, which can be good at the start. Her Skill removes a Debuff from the selected character and increases their DMG by 33% for 1 turn. The chosen character also gets their action back to deal DMG to the enemy. Her Ultimate increases the ATK% of all the characters by 33% and 24% Crit DMG depending on her own Crit DMG. It can improve the DMG of all the characters by a lot.

Bronya Best Team comp

  • Himeko+Bronya+Welt+Bailu


(Read Himeko Build)
Main DPS
Bronya Honkai Star Rail


(Read Welt Build)


Himeko is going to be the Main DPS. She is from The Erudition Path. She is an AoE DPS who can deal a DMG to multiple enemies. Bronya is going to play a supportive role in this team. She will provide ATK Buff to all the characters so they can deal more DMG to all the enemies.

Welt is going to play Debuffer and Sub-DPS role. He can slow down the enemy, which can be helpful in making the enemy turn late. Bailu is from The Abundance Path. She plays the role of the Healer. She is going to be the best healer, as she can heal a lot with her Skill and can revive a character when one of the characters when they are knocked out.

Bronya Teams F2P

Here are the best free-to-play team builds of Bronya in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Bronya+Dan Heng+Herta+Natasha
Bronya Honkai Star Rail

Dan Heng
Main DPS



In this F2P team, Bronya is going to play a supportive role. She will provide ATK% and Crit DMG to the entire party, which can be helpful in taking down enemies quickly. Dan Heng is going to be the Main DPS as he is from The Hunt Path, so he is going to be a single-target DPS. He can be used to take down Elite enemies and bosses. 

Herta will be the Sub-DPS as she is from The Erudition Path. She deals AoE DMG to enemies, which can be used to deal DMG to multiple enemies. She also performs follow-up attacks which can be good at dealing DMG to the enemy passively. Natasha will play a healer role in this composition.

  • Bronya+Sushang+Serval+Asta
Bronya Honkai Star Rail

Main DPS



Bronya will play a support role, whereas Sushang will be the Main DPS in this comp. Sushang is from The Hunt Path, so she can be good at taking down Elite Enemy. Serval is from The Erudition Path, so she can deal AoE DMG to enemies. She plays the role of Sub-DPS. She deals Lightning DMG to enemies, which can be good. Asta is also going to be the Support Character. She is from The Harmony Path, so she is a good support character as she provides SPD buff to all the party members. 

Bronya Material

Here are the materials required to ascend Bronya to level 80 in Honkai Star Rail:

MaterialsHow to Obtain
Silvermane Badge x15By defeating Silvermane Guards, Everwinter Shadewalker, Incineration Shadewalker, Vagrant, Automaton Beetle and Automaton Hound
Silvermane Insignia x15Levelling up Equilibrium
Silvermane Medal x15By defeating those mentioned enemies
Storm’s Eye x65From Stagnant Shadow, or you can get it from Synthesize by exchanging it with other ascend material

Bronya Best Light Cones

Bronya Best light cone honkai star rail
But The Battle Isn’t Over
It is the best Honkai Star rail Light Cone for the Bronya support build; it gives her 10% Energy Regeneration which will help her to use her Ultimate more Frequently. It also helps to gain Skill points when she uses her Ultimate, which can improve the Skill point economic of the Team. When Bronya uses her Skill, it also gives her allies a 30% DMG buff for 1 turn, which is effective as a supporting character.

Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds
This Light Cone can apply three types of buff to allies when Bronya is an active character. It can either give 10% ATK to allies Increase the Crit DMG by 12% or increase the Energy Regeneration of the allies by 8%. This can be used by all the allies which is a good Buff to everyone, and every character can utilize the Buff this Lightcone provides.
bronya f2p build light cone honkai star
Past and Future
This Lightcone Increase the DMG of the next action character DMG by 16% when Bronya uses her skill. You want to have your DPS turn next after Bronya turns so you can use the Buff of this Lightcone more effectively. So, the past and future is the good Light cone for the F2P build of Bronya in Star Rail.

This Lightcone ATK of all the allies by 8% so they can deal more DMG. It is the best 3-star Lightcone for her.

Recommended Relics

Here is the best Honkai Star Rail relic sets to build Bronya into a powerful character:

Eagle of Twilight Line relic honkai star rail
Eagle of Twilight Line
Eagle of Twilight Line is a good relic choice for building Bronya. This set increases the Wind DMG by 10% at the 2-piece set. At a 4-piece set, it increases the character action by 25% when a character uses their Ultimate. This Relic gives her extra DMG and gives her more turns so she can give a buff to her allies.

Fleet of the Ageless
The Fleet of the Ageless is also a good option as it increases her Max HP by 12%, which can be good for her to survive and tank more DMG from the enemies. It also increases the ATK% of all the allies by 8% when the equipped character has their SPD 120 or higher.
Sprightly Vonwacq bronya relic honkai
Sprightly Vonwacq
Sprightly Vonwacq can also be used on Bronya as this Relic increases the Energy generation rate by 5%. When the character SPD increases 145 or above, it increases the action forward by 50% for the entire battle, which gives her more turns and more chances to use her Ultimate.