Welt Build Honkai Star Rail Guide | includes F2P Options

Welt Build Honkai Star Rail Guide | Includes F2P Options

This article will guide you with the Honkai Star Rail Welt Yang Build, his best Light Cones, Team Comps, Relics and Talents. Welt is a 5-star Rarity Character obtainable from the Steller Warp or lost 50/50 in Limited Character Banner. He is an Imaginary Element and Nihility path Character in the game who applies debuffs to enemies. 

Welt Basic Talents

Welt is a 5-star Debuff character who slows down the movement of enemies, which can be good as this will make our characters use their ATKs more frequently than the enemies. His technique creates a field when the enemy is in that field, they get slow down. After you enter the Battle state after using his technique, the enemies get Imprisoned, their Action is decreased by 20%, and their SPD is decreased by 10%.

His Basic ATK will deal with additional Imaginary DMG if the enemies are slowed down. Furthermore, Welt does 3 Imaginary slashes, which attack one targeted enemy, and if there are enemies at sides, they will get hit randomly. If there is only one enemy, all of his slashes will deal DMG to that one enemy. His skill has a 70% chance to decrease the SPD of the enemy by 10% for two turns. Moreover, his Ultimate deals Imaginary DMG to all the enemies in the field and will imprison every enemy and decrease their Action by 35% and their SPD by 10%.

Walt Light Cone Build

In this section, you will find the list of best Light cones for Welt in Honkai Star Rail to build him better for most situations:

In the Name of the World Honkai star rail
In the Name of the World
One of the best 5-star Light Cones of Welt Yang is In the Name of the World, which is also his signature Lightcone. It can strengthen the ATKs of debuffed enemies by 24%. In addition, this light cone increases the Effect Hit Rate as well, which can increase the possibility of applying the debuff to enemies. It also increases the ATK by 24%.
The eyes of the Prey Honkai Star Rail
The Eyes of the Prey
The eyes of the Prey is ideal Light Cone to build Support and Sub-DPS Welt as F2P in Star Rail. This Lightcone increases the Effect Hit Rate by 20%, which can be good for him to debuff the enemies. It also increases the DoT by 24%.
We will Meet Again
We will Meet Again
We will Meet Again be also a good alternative for him. It will increase his Basic ATK and Skill DMG up to 48% to the enemy who is been targeted by his attack. This Lightcone can be used for him as a DPS or Sub-DPS. 

Void is another F2P Light Cone for Welt, which is 3-star and suitable for support Build. It increases the Effect Hit Rate by 40%, which can be good to land the Debuff on enemies more easily. 

Welt Team Build 

  • Welt+Gepard+Seele+Bailu

In this team comp, Welt will be the Debuffer who will debuff the enemies, which can be helpful for the DPS character to deal DMG. He also puts other characters to attack first due to his imprisonment, and SPD decreased by his technique. Gepard is from the Preservation path, so he is a defensive or a Tank character who will grant Shield to all the characters to save HP from ATKs. He also deals with a bit of DMG, so he is a good character to have in this composition.

Selee is from The Hunt Path. She will be the Main DPS in this team to deal DMG to Elite enemies. Bailu is going to be a healer. She is from The Abundance Path, which focuses on keeping the members alive. She can revive a character once in every Battle, which can be beneficial for the entire Team. 

Welt F2P Team comps

  • Welt+Gepard+Arlan+Natasha

In this F2P team, Welt is going to be the DPS. He will debuff the enemies by himself and deal DMG to them. Overall, in this team, he is good at dealing with DMG. Gepard is from the Preservation path, so he is a defensive or a Tank character who will provide a shield.(You can use March 7th if you don’t have Gepard)

Arlan is going to be the Sub-DPS. He is from The Destruction Path and does AoE DMG to enemies, which can be great to deal DMG to multiple enemies. He doesn’t use Skill points as well, which can benefit the team to manage the Skill points. Natasha is a healer in this team as she is from The Abundance Path. She can heal a single character with her Skill, and with her Ultimate, she can heal all the party members.

  • Welt+March 7th+Dan Heng+Asta
welt honkai star rail

Welt is going to be the Sub-DPS in this Free-to-play team composition. He is going to provide debuff to enemies and deal DMG to enemies. March 7th will be the Shield in this team as she gives Shield to characters with her Skill. She can also break the Toughness Bar of the enemies, which can be useful against enemies who are weak to Ice Element.

Dan Heng is the Single Target DPS, as he is from The Hunt Path. He can be used for Elite enemies. He can also be used to break the Toughness bar of the enemies who are weak against Wind Element. Asta will be the Support Character as she is from The Harmony Path. She can be really good support as she provides SPD buff to all the team members. 

Welt Relics

In this section, we will list the best Honkai Star Rail Relics to build Welt:

Wastelander of Banditry Desert honkai star rail
Wastelander of Banditry Desert
It is going to be the viable Relic set for him. This relic set gives 10% imaginary DMG at a 2-piece set which will increase his personal DMG. This set increases the Crit Rate by 10% to debuffed enemies. If the enemy is imprisoned, it increases the Crit DMG by 20%. This set is best for him as a DPS and Sub-DPS. If you don’t have a full set of Wastelander of Banditry Desert, you can use a 2-piece Wastelander of Banditry Desert which will give 10% imaginary DMG.
Honkai star rail Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise
Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise
It is also a good Relic for Welt support build as this increases Effect Hit by 10% at 2-piece. It further increases the ATK up to 25% depending on the Effect Hit of the character. You can use it to increase the chances of his ATK applying a debuff to enemies