Seele Build Honkai Star Rail | Talent, Light cones, Teams & Relics

Seele Build Honkai Star Rail | Talent, Light cones, Teams & Relics

Seele is a Quantum Element Character and is the first to have her banner in Honkai Star Rail. She is a Quantum Element combat type Character. Being a Hunt Path Character, Seele is good at using single-target DMG and can utilize SPD Buffs. Overall, she is one of the best DPS in the game. This article will guide you with the Honkai Star Rail Build of Seele, which includes her best and alternative Lightcones, Relic, and her team comps(including F2P).

Seele Basic Talents

Seele’s skill increases her SPD by 25% for the next 2 Turns, and she deals 110% ATK to the Enemy. Her Ultimate deals 220% Quantum DMG to the enemy, and you can use it to bring down enemies with high HP. 

Seele has a talent called Resurgence, in which when she defeats an enemy, she gains an extra turn. She goes into a buff state when her next ATK deals 40% more DMG to enemies. From her Skills and abilities, we can say that Seele is one of the best DPS for the Single Enemy rather than multiple groups of enemies. She can be used to fight bosses and enemies who have high HP.

Best Light Cones of Seele

Light ConesDescription

In the Night
In the Night is her signature Light cone of Seele in Star Rail. This Lightcone increases her Crit Rate up to 30% when fully stacked. Seele is a character who gains a lot of Crit DMG from her ascending and her passive talents. It also increases the Skill DMG depending on the SPD she has. It increases the Crit DMG of her Ultimate by 12%.

Sleep Like the Dead
Seele’s another best Light cone is Sleep Like the Dead; it increases Crit DMG by 30%. When she does not have Crit, it increases the Crit Rate by 36% for the next turn. It can be activated once every third turn. This Lightcone gives Crit DMG as well as Crit Rate due to which this Lightcone can be good for her. Sleep Like the Dead can be her alternative Lightcone if you do not have her signature Lightcone. 

Cruising in the Stellar Sea
Cruising in the Stellar Sea is the best Light Cone for Seele F2P build in Honkai Star Rail. It increases the Crit Rate by 8%. If Enemy Hp is less than 50%, it further increases the Crit rate by 8%. It also increases the ATK by 20% for the next 2 turns when an Enemy is defeated.

Return of Darkness
Return of Darkness
4-Star Light Cone, Return of Darkness is also good on Seele as this provides a 12% Crit rate. This Lightcone can also remove the Buff of the enemy if she does a Crit Hit to the enemy.

Seele Best Teams

1. Broyna+Seele+Tingyun+Bailu
Seele Honkai Star Rail

In this team, Bronya and Seele have the best Synergy. Bronya can push Seele in front, which can make her attack more. With the help of Bronya, she gets more chances to attack and deal with more DMG.

Tingyun gives extra ATK and other buffs to Seele, with which she can deal more DMG. Tingyun also provides energy to Seele with her Ultimate, which can help Seele to use more of her Ultimate and balance the Energy cost in this Honkai Star team.

Bailu is a healer who can heal a lot to Seele. If one of the Characters dies, Bailu can revive the dead Teammates once. She also has high Healing capabilities, so this team comp can be good for Seele by being the Main DPS.

2. Arlan+Seele+March 7th+Natasha (F2P Team Comp)
character for f2p team build of seele

This F2P team works well on the build of Seele in Honkai Star Rail, where Arlan is a Sub-DPS. Arlan is a character who doesn’t need skill points to use his Skill. It can benefit Seele a lot as she uses a lot of Skill points as she attacks and gets extra Turns from her talent, so Arlan can be a good character to pair her with.

You want to have a shield character like March 7th who can provide a shield, so Seele won’t take a lot of DMG. For the last slot, you want to have a healer like Natasha who can heal your characters.

The last two slots are flexible. You can use characters who provide Buff to characters or characters who can Debuff Enemy, who can help the entire team with their talents.

Best Relics of Seele

Genius of Brilliant Star Honkai Star Rail
Musketeer of Wild Wheat Honkai Star Rail

If you are at an early stage of the game, you want to use any relic you have, especially the Hand, which gives Flat ATK. You want to have ATK% or Break Effect on the sub-stats of the Relic, as they can be good for the early stage of the game. 

In the late game, you can farm for Honkai Star Rail Genius of Brilliant Star Relic for Seele build. This Relic gives a 10% Quantum DMG Bonus at the 2-piece set. At a 4-piece set, this Relic decreases the DEF by 10% of the targeted enemy. If the enemy has Quantum Weakness, the DEG ignored increased to 20%. 

You can give her a mix of two Relic You can use Genius of Brilliant Star 2-piece, which will give a 10% Quantum DMG Bonus. You can build Seele with a 2-piece set of another Relic, which increases the ATK%. For example, you can use Musketeer of Wild Wheat, which gives 12% ATK.