Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow Honkai Star Rail Guide

Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow Honkai Star Rail Guide

These missions fall in the Honkai Star Rail Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow Quest:

  1. Lingering Shadow
  2. Simulated Universe: First Closed Beta
  3. The Voyage Continues

Lingering Shadow

After defeating the Doomsday Beast in Honkai Star Rail, you will get a message from March to notify you Himeko want to talk to you about something, and the Quest Lingering Shadow begins. The Lingering Shadow mission is easy; you will get Traiblaze EXP, Stellar Jade, Adventure Log and Credit after completing it. 

Quest Description:- You open your eyes and find yourself still in the space station, staring at a ceiling that doesn’t look so strange. You are living through what just happened. It seems your mind is not playing tricks on you. You wish Himeko was here. You have so many questions to ask. 

Honkai star rail quest

So, search for Himeko. After having a short talk with her and Herta, go to Herta’s office and talk to her to complete Lingering Shadow in Honkai Star Rail. 

Simulated Universe: First Closed Beta

Mission Description:- Herta asks you to enter the simulated universe created by Genius Society while pretending to be the Aeon of Trailblaze, and try to glean the secret of Aeons and path from the simulated Aeons. 

Honkai star rail stimulated universe

Now Enter the Simulated universe and explore it. The simulated universe uses memory to generate a separate world; the physical body remains in the office/machine. 

While exploring the simulated universe, you will have to fight with some enemies to test and enhance the blessings which are:- 

Divine Construct: Resonance Transfer

Divine Construct: Metastatic Field

Interstellar Construct: Shear Structure

Now, after defeating some enemies and bosses in the simulated universe, you will be at Herta’s office. Let’s move to another mission of Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow in Star Rail.

The Voyage Continues

Description:- These words resurface in your mind once more. When you have a chance to make a choice, make one that you know you won’t regret. You haven’t made up your mind yet, or could it be that you have? However, you’re just not sure if anyone else shares your point of view. It’s alright. You can hide it deep in your heart and listen to what others think… Is it possible that you all think the same.?

After leaving the Simulated Universe, leave Herta’s office and teleport to the Supply Zone. Find someone to talk to and tell Himeko your decision. Whether you want to join the Express in the game?

Safe zone honkai star rail

After asking a few questions to Pom-Pom, head to the passenger cabins and talk to Dan Heng and investigate the phonograph(it is optional).

Investigating the Phonograph unlocks new tracks which you can use in the express. Then investigate the data bank, which includes all the details about the characters, light cones, enemies, relics, terms, aeons and factions.

Then enter the March 7th’s room and investigate any three objects, such as the bed, photos or mirror, then return to the parlour car and talk to Pom-Pom. Now, claim rewards Travel Encounters, Stellar Jade and Credits to complete Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow missions in Honkai Star Rail.