Doomsday Beast Honkai Star Rail Guide

Doomsday Beast Honkai Star Rail Guide

In Honkai Star Rail, Doomsday Beast is the first boss whom you must beat to complete the Lingering Power quest. Here we will discuss the boss and the way to beat him in the game.

Doomsday Beast

Honkai Star Rail Doomsday beast

Using Fragments of the Dust Leviathan as the foundation and the wails of the countless remnants within the warforge as the agent, the Antimatter Legion cast many Doomsday Beasts. The resentful spirits’ senseless obsession turns into a tangible hand and the destructive shadows of old condense into a tail that covers the heavens. The will of the multitudes not content with their demise is locked within the Doomsday Beasts. Anger, mourning or delusional joy, all is revealed, and all evil begins to move. The Doomsday Beast’s core is a dark matter engine. 

It means the Doomsday Beast is the boss summoned by Antimatter Legion. This boss has three significant parts:- Disaster’s Right Hand, Dawn’s Left Hand and Antimatter Engine. So, you must destroy those parts to target the weak point of Doomsday and kill him in Star Rail. 

Skills and Abilities

The Doomsday Beast cannot be attacked until you break all three parts

Disaster’s Right Hand
– Deals imaginary DMG to all target

Antimatter Engine
– It is a powerful attack
– Enhance Right Hand and Left Hand, restoring the Toughness
– Deals Imaginary Damage to a single target

Dawn’s Left hand
– At the last dawn before the end, the bright and clear morning sun will tremble and cower away. It adept at drawing upon Quantum power to launch attacks at single enemies
– Deal Quantum DMG to a single target

How to Defeat Doomsday Beast in Honkai Star Rail

Your team member must have a combination of Ice, Fire, Wind and Physical combat types to fight the Doomsday Beast. Each hand and the Antimatter Engine of the boss have Imaginary, Quantum and Lightning Combat attacks.

So, while attacking the Disaster’s Right Hand, use Ice and Fire Combat Type character and Fire and Wind for Dawn’s Left Hand of Doomsday Beast. Similarly, use physical and fire characters in the Antimatter Engine.

  1. Don’t forget to use the Defense skill of March 7th to provide some HP to your team. Only use her AoE.
  2. The boss’s Strength and Health buffs, so use the appropriate character to attack him. 
  3. Himeko, March 7th, Your Avatar and Dan Heng can also kill the Doomsday Beast. 
  4. Be aware, after he regenerates, he becomes more powerful,
Regenerated Phase of Doomsday Beast