Dan Heng Build Honkai Star Rail | Light Cones, Relics, Teams

Dan Heng Build Honkai Star Rail | Light Cones, Relics, Teams

Dan Heng is a 4-star Rarity Character, and you can obtain him through the Steller Wrap. He is a Wind Element Character from The Hunt Path Character in the game and one of the best DPS characters. Let us Build Dan Heng with his best Light Cones, Relics and Team in Honkai Star Rail. In addition, let us find the best options for Building him as F2P, including Ascension Materials.

Talking about the Basic Talents of Dan Heng in Brief:- When he uses his Technique and enters the battlefield, his ATK is increased by 40% for the first 3 turns. His Skill deals Wind DMG to a single Enemy. When the enemy is hit by his Skill, the enemy’s SPD is decreased by 12% for 2 turns. His Ultimate deals a high Wind DMG to the enemy. If the enemy is slowed down, the DMG dealt by his Ultimate is increased more.

Dan Heng Ascension Materials

These are the total materials required to upgrade Dan Heng’s level to 80 in Honkai Star Rail:

MaterialsQuantityHow to Obtain
Extinguished Corex12The Extinguished Core can be obtained by defeating Flamespawn, Frostspawn, Windspawn, Thunderspawn, Blaze Out of Space, Ice Out of Space and Mask of No Thought
Glimmering Corex13Depending on the level of your equilibrium
Squirming Corex12Defeating above-mentioned enemies
Strom Eyex50You can obtain the Strom Eye from Stagnant Shadow, or you can get it from Synthesize by exchanging it with other ascend material
Credits246KProgressing the game

Similarly, these are the total needed materials to increase combat abilities and Traces of Dan Heng in the game:

Arrow of the Starchaser x105
Arrow of the Demon Slayer x54
Extinguished Core x28
Glimmering Corex42
Squirming Core x42
Arrow of the Beast Hunter x12
Tracks of Destiny x5
Destroyer’s Final Road x12

Dan Heng Team comp

  • Himeko+Tingyun+Dan Heng+Bailu

(Read Himeko Build)
Himeko is the Sub-DPS who will deal DMG to multiple groups of enemies. She is great at taking down enemies with her Ultimate Skill. She also does Follow up attacks when enemies’ Shield Breaks. You need to break 3 enemies Toughness Bar to get her Follow up attack.

(Read Tingyun Build)
Tingyun is from The Harmony Path. She is one of the best supporters in the game as a 4-star character. She gives 25% ATK to one of the characters with her Skill. Her Ultimate gives 50 Energy to one of the characters and gives them 20% ATK for 2 turns.
Honkai Star rail dan heng
Dan Heng
Dan Heng is the Single Target DPS in this team build, as he is from The Hunt Path. He can be used for Elite enemies. He can also be used to break the Toughness bar of the enemies who are weak against Wind Element.

(Read Bailu Build)
Abundance Path focuses on keeping the team members alive; she can heal well. She can revive a character once in every Battle, which can be beneficial for the entire party.

Free-to-Play Teams

Here are the best F2P team comps you must build in Honkai Star Rail for Dan Heng to defeat bosses and enemies:

  • Arlan+Asta+Dan Heng+Natasha

(Read Arlan Build)
Arlan is going to be the Sub-DPS due to the Nature of his kit. He can also be used to deal DMG to multiple enemies or break the Toughness bar of multiple enemies at once who are weak to Lightning Element.

(Read Asta Build)
Asta is going to be the Support Character as she is from The Harmony Path. She can be a good support as she provides ATK% to the entire team when she uses her Skill. Depending on the enemies she hits with her skill she gives more ATK% to the entire party.
Honkai Star rail dan heng
Dan Heng
Dan Heng is the Single Target DPS in this F2P team, as he is from The Hunt Path. He can be used for Elite enemies who have higher HP. He can also be used to break the Toughness bar of the enemies who are weak against Wind Element.

Natasha will play a healer role in this composition.
  • Dan Heng+Tingyun+Herta+Natasha
Honkai Star rail dan heng
Dan Heng
In this F2P team, Dan Heng will be the Main DPS and will counter Elite enemies with high HP.

Tingyun is going to be giving Buff to Dan Heng which will help him to deal with more DMG. She gives Energy to him as well so he can use his Ultimate more Frequently.

(Read Herta Build)
Here, Herta is Sub-DPS and will deal DMG to Multiple enemies with her Skill and Ultimate. Her Follow up attack can also be useful to deal DMG to enemies.

She will be healing the members

Dan Heng’s Best Light Cones

Here are the Honkai Star Rail Light Cones(Weapons) for the better Dan Heng DPS Build:

5-Star OptionsDescription
Dan Heng best 5-star light cone
Cruising in the Stellar Sea
Cruising in the Stellar Sea is the suitable Light cone of Dan Heng as this weapon increases his Crit rate by 8% and increases his Crit Rate against enemies with HP less than or equal to 50% by an extra 8%. When Dan Heng defeats an enemy, his ATK is increased by 20% for 2 turns.

Sleep Like the Dead
Sleep Like the Dead is the good five-option alternative Lightcone for him as it increases his Crit DMG by 30%. When Dan Heng’s ATK or Skill does not result in a Crit Hit, his Crit Rate increases by 36% for 1 turn. This effect can only trigger once every 3 turns. This can be good if his Skill doesn’t Crit, and he can use his Ultimate to deal Crit ATK.
Dan Heng F2P Light ConesDescription
Dan heng lightcone f2p
Swordplay is a good F2P Light cone to build Dan Heng, as it increases DMG by 8% each time he attacks the same Enemy. He can gain 40% DMG this way. This can be good to take down enemies who have high HP.
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It is an alternative Free-to-play Light cone for him as it increases the DMG of his Basic ATK and Skill by 24%. This effect doubles up when his Energy reaches max. This way he can gain a total of 48% DMG in total.

Dan Heng’s Best Relics

Best Light cone of dan heng
Eagle of Twilight Line
Eagle of Twilight Line is a great Relic option for Dan Heng build in Star Rail, as it increases the Wind DMG by 10% at the 2-piece set. At a 4-piece set, it increases the character action by 25%. It can help to give more attack Turn to Dan Heng so he can attack more. This way he can deal more DMG to the elite enemies.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat+Eagle of Twilight Line
You can use the combination of a 2-piece of Musketeer of Wild Wheat and a 2-piece of Eagle of Twilight Line. This will give him 10% Wind DMG and 10% ATK. This can be used if you don’t have the 4-piece of the Eagle of Twilight Line.

Insert Salsotto
This Relic increases the Crit Rate by 8% at the 2-piece set. This set also increases the Ultimate DMG and the next attack DMG after Ultimate by 15%. It can be great to increase his DMG for a certain period. So, it is also a good relic set of Dan if you do not have other options.