Bailu Honkai Star Rail Build Guide | Premium & F2P Options

Bailu Honkai Star Rail Build Guide | Premium & F2P Options

Bailu is a 5-star Rarity Character, and you can unlock her from the Steller Warp or losing 50/50 in Limited Character Banner. She is an Ice Element Character from The Abundance Path in the game. As the characters from the Abundance Path are healers, she plays the role of the Healer. Let us build Bailu with her best Light Cones, Relics and Team Comps in Honkai Star Rail. In addition, here you will find the best options for the Bailu F2P build in the game.

Her Basic Talents

If Bailu uses her technique before entering the Battle, all the character gains Health when they take DMG from the enemy. Her skill can heal 3 characters in total. The first healing goes to the selected character, and then it continues to heal the other 2 characters or the same random character. Her Ultimate heals all the characters and gives Invigoration to the character where they will heal whenever they take DMG from enemies. Bailu’s Talent can revive a character who is knocked out, which is good as it will help to change the Battle outcome.

Bailu Materials

These are the materials to ascend bailu to level 80 in Honkai Star Rail:

MaterialsHow to Obtain
Extinguished Core x15By defeating Flamespawn, Frostspawn, Windspawn, Thunderspawn, Blaze Out of Space, Ice Out of Space and Mask of No Thought
Glimmering Core x15Depending on equilibrium level
Squirming Core x15By defeating the above-mentioned enemies
Lightning Crown of Past Shadow x65From Stagnant Shadow, or you can get it from Synthesize by exchanging it with other ascend material

Recommended Light Cones

4-Star/5-Star OptionsDescription
Time waits for no one honkai star rail
Time Waits for No One
Time Waits for No One is the best 5-star Light Cone for the Bailu Healer build. It increases her Max HP by 18% and outgoing healing by 12%. These two effects are going to enhance her healing effect. This Lightcone also deals DMG equal to 50% of the healing she does with her skill.

Warmth Shortens Cold Nights
Warmth Shortens Cold Nights is a 4-star battle pass Light Cone for her. This Lightcone increases the Max HP by 16%, doing extra healing to all the characters when her basic ATK is used. The healing is done based on each character’s Max HP.
F2P Light Cones of Bailu Description
Post-Op Conversation Honkai Star Rail
Post-Op Conversation
Post-Op Conversation is a great Free-to-play Light Cone for the Bailu build as F2P in Honkai Star Rail as it increases the Energy Regeneration rate by 8%, which can help to get Bailu Ultimate back. It also increases the outgoing healing of a character with their Ultimate by 12%.

Cornucopia is a 3-star Lightcone. This Lightcone increases the outgoing healing by 12% of her Skill or Ultimate. This Lightcone can be used in the early Stage of the game when you have no other options. 

Bailu Best Elite Team comp

  • Welt+Gepard+Selee+Bailu


(Read Welt Build)

Shield Provider

(Read Selee Build)
Main DPS
Honkai Star Rail Bailu

In this team build, Welt will be the Debuffer who will debuff the enemies, which can be helpful for the DPS character to deal with DMG. He also puts other characters to attack first due to his imprisonment, and SPD decreased by his technique. Gepard is a defensive or a Tank character who will grant a shield to all the members so they do not lose a lot of HP from enemies’ ATKs. He also deals with a bit of DMG, so he is a good character to have on the team.

Selee is from The Hunt Path character. She will be the Main DPS who will deal DMG to Elite enemies. Bailu will be a healer in this team comp, as she is from the Abundance Path, which focuses on keeping the party alive. She can heal well. She can revive a character once in every Battle, which can be good for all members.

Bailu Teams F2P

  • Bailu+Sushang+Serval+Asta
Honkai Star Rail Bailu

Main DPS



Bailu is going to play as a healer in this F2P team. With suitable Lightcone and Relic, she can also play a supportive role. Sushang will be the Main DPS as she is a good hero to counter Elite Enemy.
Serval will be the SUB-DPS, and she deals AoE DMG to the Enemies with Electro Attacks, which can be good to break the Toughness Bar of multiple enemies with a single attack. Asta is also going to be the Support Character. She is from The Harmony Path, so she is going to be a good support character as she provides SPD buff to all the party members.

  • Bailu+Dan Heng+Herta+March
Honkai Star Rail Bailu

Dan Heng
Main DPS


March 7th
(Read March Build)
Shield Provider

In this free-to-play team building, Bailu will play the healer role. Here, it doesn’t need a lot of healing as March 7th is going to provide Shield. So this comp can be Strong. Dan Heng will be the Main DPS, as he can be used to take down the Elite enemies who have a high HP. He can also be used to decrease the Resistance of the enemy.

Herta will play the Sub-DPS role as she is from The Erudition Path. She deals AoE DMG to the Enemies with Ice Attacks which can be good to break the Toughness Bar of multiple enemies with a single attack. March 7th is the Shield in this team as she provides Shield to characters with her Skill. She can also be used to remove the debuff from allies with her Shield.

Best Relics

Here are the Honkai Star Rail relic sets, which work well on the Bailu build as a healer:

Passerby of Wandering Cloud
Passerby of Wandering Cloud is the best in-slot relic for her as it increases healing by 10%. At 4-piece, it recovers 1 Skill point, which can be beneficial for the Skill of the whole party. Overall, this relic is a good choice for Bailu if you are building her for a Support or a Healing role.

Fleet of the Ageless
You can use The Fleet of the Ageless as this set increases the max HP by 12%, which can be efficient to increase the healing Bonus. When Bailu SPD is 120 or above 120 it gives 8% ATK to her allies as well.