Signs of Fragmentum Honkai Star Rail | How to Complete

Signs of Fragmentum Honkai Star Rail | How to Complete

Honokai Star Rail game is full of fun-to-play Quests that provide rewards after the completion, but here we will discuss the Signs of Fragmentum and how to complete it. This quest is not difficult to finish, but you might get puzzled sometimes while finding the Beacons. 

Journey Begins

You see the Quest description like this:- Go to the storage zone and ask the investigators sent by Asta about the current situation. Therefore, teleport to the storage zone to start your mission. 

There, talk with the Security Department Member, and you will get these objectives:

  1. Finish Battle within 5 turns
  2. Allies are knocked down no more than 2 times 
  3. Find all Wubbaboos and collect the beacon data they are carrying

Then start the challenge and scan the photo of Beacons, and members, including one enemy. But be careful. The scanning function loaded on the camera can be seen through enemies. After being seen through, enemies will take 50% more damage. 

So, after fighting with enemies and scanning all the Beacons, talk to the maintenance guard to finish the Signs of Fragmentum quest in Star Rail. You will get these rewards: 

All Beacon Location

First BeaconBeacon Loation 1 in Signs of Fragmentum quest
In the hall near maintenance staff.
Second Beacon
Ending point of the Left Corridor on the Left side near the enemy.
Third Beacon
Move from the main hall, turn right and you will find Beacon near the plant in the corner.
Forth Plant
Top of the door. You will see it when you return after collecting either 1st or 2nd Beacon.

In brief

Star Rail Signs of Fragmentum is a side quest that you will have to complete in the Storage area of Herta Space Station. Therefore, it will not be hard for you to do as it takes place in a limited area. Only your task is to gather the Beacon Data by scanning. Beacons look cute and scary after transferring into Wubbaboos, and to collect them, the Trailblazer must scan them. So, that is all about this mission. 

Final view: In this game, there is alot to explore and it is fun to play game. If you are playing the game and understanding the story, I hope, you are enjoying it. While completing any side quests or missions, first read the conversation, and you will find it easy to complete. 

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