The Adventurous Moles Honkai Star Rail | How to Complete

The Adventurous Moles Honkai Star Rail | How to Complete

The Adventurous Moles is one of the puzzle-based quests in Honkai Star Rail, and here we will try to solve it step by step.

Here you have to find the remaining treasures based on the storybook’s table of contents in the game. The quest suggests you travel to three locations which are Backwater Pass, Rivet Town, and the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone, respectively.

Journey Begins

Firstly, talk to Julian at Boulder Town, Natasha’s Clinic space anchor, to start the quest. Then teleport to the Gold Mine. There you will find a book page on the barrel; collect it.

Now, go ahead, and you will find the Miner’s Lamp on the block-shaped object. Then according to the clues in the Storybook, place that Lamp in the correct position. The correct position to place the Miner’s Lamp is on the Fence(3rd number). Now the box(Bountiful Treasure) will appear there; open it.

The rewards you will get after opening the Bountiful Treasure in The Adventurous Moles Quest in Star Rail are Traiblaze Exp, Stellar Jade, Adventure Log, Condensed Aether, Musketeer’s, Shiled and Credits.

After that, teleport to Boulder Town and talk to Julian about the finding of your investigation.

Travelling to the Backwater Pass

The Adventurous Moles Backwater pass treasure

After talking to Julian, teleport to the Backwater Pass, and collect the piece of another missing paper, The Unexpected Parchment, from the cafe bench. Then do an investigation there. Then you go ahead into the cafe; you will see the chair thrown on the table; place it on the ground correctly. Instantly, you will get another Bountiful Treasurer filled with similar rewards as the previous one.

Travelling to the Rivet Town

The Adventurous Moles Rivet Town Treasure

Now, teleport to the Rivet Town and collect another piece of paper(The Crates Are the Keys). Nearly, you will see the rack with four crates, pick up that marked one and transfer it to another rack. Come back and move the top crate to the place that remained blank. Another Bountiful treasure will appear there. Open it.

Travelling to Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone

After finishing the activities in two areas, teleport to the Silvermane Guard Restricted Zone.

There, you will find the piece of paper on the wall; collect it. According to the instructions, put all the scattered guns in the rack to get the last treasure.

Final Move

Return to Boulder Town, at the Clinic and talk to Julian. Finally, teleport to the administrative district and give all those pages to the Nika to complete Honkai Star Rail The Adventurous Moles Quest.