Hook Quest | Old Foreman’s Treasure Quest| Honkai Star Rail

Hook Quest Honkai Star Rail Guide

Honkai Star Rail is one of the most awaited turn-based games, released on 26th April 2023. Players can explore many things in this game, as in Genshin Impact. Keeping everything in rest, here we will discuss the Honkai Star Rail Hook Quest or The Old Foreman’s Treasure Quest.

Among Tailor, Cook, Helper and Merchant stole the prized relic from Hook’s father, and this quest is all about detecting the thief. So, we will find out who stole it.

Journey Begins

You will have to talk to Julian to find out what is going on with the father of Hook. After that, your journey begins. Then navigate the map and teleport to the Great Mine. There, after some talk with and battle against Vagrants, teleport to Boulder Town and enter Natasha’s Clinic.

In the Clinic, you will know what exactly happened with Fersman. Then teleport to the Great Mine to continue the mission after getting the information from Hook and her father.

Now, you will have to talk to all four suspects to find out whether they stole the relic, but they will talk like they are unaware of it. But, after going on and listening to their words, you will find the cook is the thief who stole Relic from the father of Hook in the Old Foreman’s Treasure Quest.

The story does not end here, as you have to defeat the cook and his cronies. Finally teleport to Boulder again after fighting with the cook and talking with Balaway there. So, that is all you have to do to complete the Old Foreman’s Treasure Quest in Honkai Star Rail.


After Completing this quest, you will get these rewards:

Trailblaze EXP 350
Stellar Jade 60
Adventure Log 6
Shield 200
Credit 20000

Note:- This game has an interesting story; therefore, I would recommend you read/listen to each conversation to go in-depth. While completing any quests, understand the story, and you will find ideas instantly about how to complete it.