Equilibrium level Honkai Star Rail Guide

Equilibrium level Honkai Star Rail Guide

Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Level is a significant feature that limits how far you can level up your character levels, skill, etc. If you are a Genshin Impact player, you can think of it as the World Level of Star Rail.

You start at Equilibrium Level 0 at the start of the game, and as you progress in the Main Story Quest, you will unlock the Equilibrium Levels. The max level of Equilibrium is at 6 Level. As you progress, your Trailblaze level increases; the Equilibrium Level can be unlocked depending on the Trailblaze level.

You will unlock Equilibrium Level 1 at Trailblaze Level 20
You will unlock Equilibrium Level 2 at Trailblaze Level 30
At Trailblaze level 40, Equilibrium Level 3 unlocks
You will unlock Equilibrium Level 4 at Trailblaze Level 50
You will unlock Equilibrium Level 5 at Trailblaze Level 60
At Trailblaze level 65, Equilibrium Level 6 unlocks

What does Equilibrium Level do?

As you upgrade your Equilibrium Level, the enemy’s stats get stronger. It won’t be that big of a problem as you can start to upgrade your character’s Level, Skill, and other things. As the Equilibrium Level increases, the Drop Rate from the enemies also gets better, and you can access higher-level Domains, which will give better items than the previous one.

How to get to Equilibrium Level 1?

To get to Equilibrium 1 in Honkai Star Rail, you must level up your Trailblaze level to 20. After you reach Trailblaze 20, a Quest will arrive automatically called Trial of the Equilibrium: Part One. The location of this quest will be Robot Settlement. A domain named Trial of the Equilibrium will spawn. 

In the Domain, you have to fight 2 sets of enemies. The first set of enemies is vulnerable to Ice, Lightning, and Imaginary Elements. In the next phase, enemies are vulnerable to Fire, Wind and Quantum combat types

It is recommended to not take Physical Element Characters as they can’t deplete the Toughness Bar of the Enemies. Make sure you have a healer character in the team, as a healer in this game is very important. The enemies deal with huge DMG as well, so you want a healer. It is recommended to level up your character up to 25+ level at least. As the enemies in this Domain are of Level 29.

After you have cleared the domain, you will get these as the reward for clearing the quest.

How to unlock the Equilibrium Level fast?

To unlock Star Rail Equilibrium Levels quickly, you want to do your daily mission regularly and use the Trailblaze powers as they give Exp to increase the Trailblaze level. You can do exploration as well as side quests which also give Exp as a reward.