Arknights Best Healers | Top 8 Ranked

Arknights Best Healers | Top 8 Ranked

Arknight is a popular mobile strategy game developed by Hypergryph and Studio Montagne, which invites players into a dystopian world filled with chaos. As Commanders, our task is to assemble a team of skilled Operators to overcome the various challenges and bring stability to the world. In the heat of battle, healers play a pivotal role in ensuring the survival of our forces. Here are the Top 8 best healers in Arknights Mobile, those Operators who possess the power to mend wounds and keep our Operators fighting fit:

1. Ptilopsis

Ptilopsis Arknights

Ptilopsis, the 5-Star faithful medic of Rhodes Island, claims the top spot as the most versatile and powerful healer in Arknights. Her Talent, “Healing Range,” increases the range of her healing skills, enabling her to heal multiple targets simultaneously. Additionally, Ptilopsis possesses the “Emergency Treatment” skill, which instantly heals a large amount of HP, making her a reliable emergency healer when the situation demands it. Her ability to provide sustained healing throughout battles, coupled with her utility, earns her a place on every Commander’s team.

2. Nightingale


The angelic battlefield nurse, the Nightingale, is another formidable choice for healing duties. Her Talent, “Emergency Medical Treatment,” not only restores HP but also provides a significant Arts resistance buff to all allies within range. This unique skill makes her an exceptional choice for combating Art damage-heavy enemies. Nightingale’s second skill, “Healing Up Gamma,” gradually heals all allies over time, ensuring a steady recovery during prolonged battles. With her unmatched healing prowess and supportive abilities, Nightingale proves to be an valuable 6-star asset to any team in Arknights.

3. Shining


Shining, the epitome of grace and compassion, brings her unrivalled healing abilities to the battlefield. Her Talent, “Healing Mastery,” enhances her healing effectiveness, allowing her to restore substantial amounts of HP to her allies. Moreover, Shining’s first skill, “Radiance,” applies an AoE healing effect, making her an excellent choice for healing groups of Operators simultaneously. Additionally, her second skill, “Megalomania,” grants a temporary defense buff to the entire team, further ensuring the survival of your forces. Shining’s well-rounded healing capabilities and team support make Shining a good 6-star medic in the game.

4. Silence

Silence Arknights

Silence, the enigmatic medic with a knack for technology, brings a unique set of skills to the table. Her Talent, “Medical Mode,” grants a chance to reduce skill cooldown time, allowing her to heal more frequently. Silence’s first skill, “Shadow Retreat,” not only heals but also provides a stealth effect, protecting her from enemy attacks. Her second skill, “Emergency Medicine,” grants a significant burst of healing to multiple targets. Silence’s ability to heal and support her allies while evading enemy attention makes her one of the valuable healers for overcoming challenging encounters in Arknights.

5. Perfumer


Perfumer, the cheerful pharmacist, specializes in healing over time. Her Talent, “Continuous Treatment,” grants her skills the ability to provide healing over a duration. It makes her an excellent choice for sustaining the health of your Operators throughout prolonged battles. Perfumer’s first skill, “Synthetic Enzyme,” heals multiple targets at once, while her second skill, “Immobilization,” not only heals but also temporarily immobilizes enemies. Her consistent healing capabilities and crowd control make her one of the best Medics in Arknights.

6. Warfarin

Warfarin Arknights

The eccentric medic, Warfarin, brings a unique healing dynamic to the battlefield. Her Talent, “Tactical Medicine,” increases the attack power of the target she heals, making her an excellent choice for supporting damage dealers. Warfarin’s first skill, “Adrenaline Rush,” not only heals but also increases the attack speed and damage of the target. Her second skill, “Overdose,” enhances her healing output and provides an Arts damage boost to nearby allies. Warfarin’s ability to boost offensive capabilities while healing makes her a versatile choice for strategic plays.

7. Gavial


Gavial, the gentle doctor with a caring heart, focuses on healing multiple targets simultaneously. Her Talent, “Stabilization,” increases her healing range and grants a chance to decrease skill cooldown time, enabling her to heal more frequently. Gavial’s first skill, “Healing Formula,” heals multiple allies over time, while her second skill, “Healing Formula Beta,” provides a burst of healing to all teammates. Gavial’s wide-reaching healing abilities and skill cooldown reduction in Arknights make her a reliable 4-star healer for sustaining the health of your team comp.

8. Myrrh

Myrrh Arknights

Myrrh, one of the mysterious and elegant healers in Arknights, can provide both healing and damage mitigation. Her Talent, “Exquisite Treatment,” increases the healing effects of her skills, ensuring substantial HP restoration. Myrrh’s first skill, “Arcane Healing,” heals multiple targets and grants a temporary damage reduction effect. Her second skill, “Resonance,” provides AoE healing and increases the defense of all allies. Myrrh’s combination of healing and damage mitigation makes her an excellent choice for enduring heavy enemy assaults.