Wild Rift Zoe Build Guide: Best Counter, Spell, Item, Rune

Wild Rift Zoe Build Guide: Best Counter, Spell, Item, Rune

Zoe is an assassin mage that you can play mid-lane in LoL Wild Rift, and we will discuss her proper build. She is notoriously known for her annoying ability to one-shot you from 4 screens away after making you fall asleep and having no counterplay once she hits you with her third ability.

Zoe also has a unique playstyle of being able to pick up any random items from minions and even summoner abilities that either your team or the enemy team used.

But, she is relatively hard to master and use compared to other mid-lane champions in Wild Rift. When you play her for the first time, you will feel she is useless. It will take you more than a dozen games to get good at her. She can easily 1vs9 games if you master Zoe.

Zoe Build

Zoe’s Best combo

The combo of Zoe starts in Wild Rift battle with her different abilities.
Her third ability range can go through walls allowing her to throw her stun from a safe distance. Once your third ability lands on an enemy champion, it will briefly put them to sleep for 1.5 sec. This combo will give you more than enough time to follow up with your first ability and ultimate.

Keep in mind that the further her first ability comes from more damage it does, so try to get as much distance possible to do the Maximum amount of damage. However, this combo is tough to pull off if you miss your third ability in the first place.

Zoe’s Counters in Wild Rift

One of Zoe’s weaknesses is assassin champions since she is a very mobile champion and does not have much mobility to escape. So champions like zed, yauso, and Katarina can counter Zoe in the mid-lane, but she is strong against Orianna, Lux, and Fix. Another major weakness of Zoe is her mana problem, as she is almost always out of mana, so be sure to use your spells wisely.

Zoe’s Best Items in Wild Rift

If you want to make a good build of Zoe in LoL Wild Rift, you must pick Ludens Echo as her first item to increase haste, mana, and extra magic damage ability. Rabadons death cap as her second item can allow Zoe to easily one-shot any squishy champions.

So I recommend you rush this item as her second build item. Infinity orb is her third perfect item due to the extra damage to low Hp targets, followed by void staff for magic penetration, and the final item Morellos, for anti-healing.

Zoe’s Best Runes in Wild Rift

Relevant rune pick also matters for the best Zoe build. Since Zoe likes to poke, going Arey as her primary rune on her will allow you to deal more damage. Gathering storm as her second item will allow you to scale till the late game to one-shot targets.

Nullifying orb is also a very useful rune on Zoe as she is very squishy, and this rune will provide her with a shield. Lastly hunter genius will be your last time for the ultimate cooldown reduction, so you can make more plays