Ekko Build Wild Rift: His Best Items, Runes, Spells & Counters

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In this article, we will learn the best item, spell, and counter of Ekko in Wild Rift to build him properly.

Ekko is a highly skilled champion in the Wild Rift, which can be played both as a mid laner and jungle. You will require time and patience to learn him, but once you master him fully, you can easily hard carry games as Ekko is a very well-scaling mage who can 1vs9 once he gets some items.

Ekko functions as an assassin mage that can easily burst squishy Carries while at the same time being very hard to catch. Also, he can kill them due to this aggressive playstyle. Being very slippery, Ekko is very dominant in solo queue, and he can be the champ you need to escape your low elo games.

As I mentioned, Ekko is a hard champ in Wild Rift, understand him if you play him for the first time. Always practice this champion in Normal before taking to ranked matches

Guide: Wild Rift Ekko Build

Ekko combo in Wild Rift

The only combo Ekko has is first throwing your second ability and predicting the enemies movement. His second ability has a cast time and takes some time to deploy.

After that, you use your second ability and dash into your circle, which will then stun the enemy. Finally, you use your first ability and again use your ultimate if you need to escape or wait a little while if you can finish them off without having to ult away.

Ekkos counters

Since Ekko is hard to catch and kill Wild Rift champion, his main counter is champions with tons of lockdowns like Leona, Braum, and twisted fate. All you have to do is focus your stuns and crowd control on him and make sure that he doesn’t have time to use his Ultimate to escape.

Ekko Spells in Wild Rift

Ekko Spells

For the build of Ekko, you should use flash and ignite spells if you are using him in the mid-lane. But, if you are using Ekko in the jungle, the best spell choice is always flash and smite. However, you can also take smite and ignite Spells for kill pressure as Ekko already has much mobility.

Best Build Items of Ekko

Ekko Build Item Wild Rift

Since Wave Clear is a crucial skill in Wild Rift, the faster you clear your minion, the quicker you can rotate around the map and help your teammates.

For this reason, the first build item of Ekko in Lol Wild Rift is Ludens to Echo, as it gives you the ability to haste and aoe damage to help clear waves.

The second best item to Ekko is lich bane as it empowers your autos which stacks with third ability autos.

Other best Wild Rift items for ekko are enchanted boots with stasis or protobelt for the extra dash, deathcap, and void staff for maximum damage and burst to one-shot enemy Carries. Similarly, the last item will be morellos for healing.