MLBB Julian Build: Know All About Him

MLBB Julian Build: How to Play Him?

The new hero Julian is now available for free in MLBB, and you can get him by exchanging the feather (reward in the 515 events). Julian is a Fighter/Mage hero, a different from other heroes in Mobile Legends. He is very Strong and broken right now in the game. Therefore, let us talk about how to build the Julian in Mlbb and his best emblem, spells, and counters to play him better.

Julian is different from other heroes in many aspects. First of all, you can level up any of his skills in level one. All the other heroes in the game can only unclose their first or second skill at level 1. But he can unlock any one of the 3, and it is because Julian has no ultimate skill- At level 3, you can get all of his skills.

Julian Skills

Julian is a melee hero; he swings his chain to deal damage to the enemy. His Basic attack has more range than other fighters and assassins in MLBB.

Julian Passive Skills

The passive of Julian is called Smith’s Legacy. After Julian casts 2 of his skills, his next skill enhances. After releasing that skill, his basic attack improves for a few seconds. You can use his passive to do a lot of skilled mechanics.

1st skill:-

The first skill Julian is called Scythe, in which he throws a scythe in a particular direction.

Enhanced 1st skill:- When you use the other two skills first, your first skill improves. In this enhanced first skill, Julian throws two scythes that stop at hitting the enemy or reaching maximum distance and deal continuous damage for a while, just like Karrie’s first skill.

Julian 1st skills
2nd skill:-

The second skill of Julian is called Sword. He can summon a sword and dash in a certain direction dealing damage to the enemy in his path.

Enhanced 2nd skill:- When you use the other two skills first, your 2nd skill becomes enhanced. Here, Julian dashes in a certain direction, and following him will be many flying swords dealing damage to the enemy in the way, just like Benedetta’s ultimate. You are also immune to damage and CC for a while when using this.

Julian 3nd Skills
3rd skill:-

Julian’s third skill is called chain, in which he casts a chain at a particular area dealing damage and immobilizing the enemies hit.

Enhanced 3rd skill:- When you use the other two skills first, the third skill improves. Here, Julian casts chains at a larger area dealing lots of damage and knocking them airborne.

Julian 3rd Skills

However, after using any of your skills, you will have to wait for a certain time before you can use them again.

How to play Julian in Mobile Legends?

Julian is a versatile hero, and you can play him as the jungler, midlaner, or a sideliner in MLBB. You usually play passive until you achieve level 3. After reaching level 3, you can start playing aggressively.

The priority to upgrade his skills is; The first skill first, then the third skill. Whenever in a fight, try to use Julian best combos as much as possible, like 1-3-2, 1-2-3, 3-1-2, etc.

Always remember to use your enhanced basic attack after each combo. Join in teamfights regularly. This way, you can control Julian most effectively in the game.

How to counter Julian in Mobile Legends

No matter how good the hero is, there is always a counter. For Julian, the best counter item will be Radiant armour and Athena since he deals magic damage continuously with his combos. Making Radiant armour will make it easier for you to fight him. But, keep your distance while fighting him. MLBB Marksmen that depend on attack speed like moscov, Melissa, irithel are really good against Julian unless you get caught by him.

You have to wait for him to use his second skill first, then you can proceed to fight him from a distance. Sturdy fighters like Yuzhong and Esmeralda also can counter Julian in MLBB.

Julian Build MLBB: Best Emblem, Spells & Items

In Mobile Legends, you can play Julian with the custom magic emblem with the talent of impure rage. You can play Julian with the battle spell execute or flicker, which are the best spells for him. There are two ways you can build him.

Julian Best Emblem in MLBB
Best Build For Julian in MLBB
Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Julian Build

Either you can build Julian as a Full damage fighter or a semi tank fighter as he is very good at both. The best build items for Julian in MLBB are the Clock of destiny and genius wand. He uses a lot of mana with his skills, so you need to clock of destiny in the early game for mana regen. Calamity reaper is also really good for Julian because when you use your basic attack after every 2 skills, your passive and the passive of the item will deal massive damage.
Concentrated energy makes Julian more durable on the battlefield by increasing his lifesteal.