Wild Rift Runes: List of Best New Runes & Their uses

Wild Rift Runes: List of Best New Runes & Their uses

It is no surprise if I tell you the runes that we had for the longest time in LOL Wild Rift were very Boring, and we had no other substitutes for the current.

In every game, we had to go with the same runes, which felt very tedious and stale, but thankfully the game listened to the Fan’s voices and introduced new runes in this patch which now adds different options of runes you can go.

Since the new runes are Completely different from other runes that we are used to having, it might be hard to decide what runes to go and when to go. In this article, I will tell you the best runes and in what situations they are viable.

New Best Runes in LOL: Wild Rift

1. Kraken slayer

Kraken slayer Rune in Wild RIft

It is a mythic item in a league of legends made into a rune in the wild rift. So far, Kraken Slayer is very good on champions who can easily proc it with their autos champs with alot of auto-attacks. This rune does True damage every third auto attack like vaynes second ability passive.

The Kraken Slayer rune is best against full tanks enemy teams and Wild Rift champions that heavily rely on auto attacks like Lucian, Ashe, Master Yi, and tryndmere. However, you can’t go this rune on champs that don’t auto-attack much like Jhin or graves.

2. Lethal tempo

Lethal tempo Rune

Another best rune that was recently introduced is lethal tempo. The Lethal tempo rune works best with Wild Rift champions that rely heavily on autos like Ashe,vayne, jinx, and xayah. However, it has a different passive than Kraken slayer because it helps you stack attack speed instead of doing damage.

It is like conquer, but instead of stacking and getting damage, you get attack speed which stacks up to 6 times. When it fully stacks, it maxes out at 30% attack speed. This rune is very good against any enemy team comp as long as you use someone who does a lot of autos.

3. Scorch

Scorch Rune in wild Rift

The Scorch rune is also a perfect rune in comparison to other old runes in Wild Rift. This rune is for poking and doing extra damage during the laning phase.

Scorch Rune works well with Wild Rift champions with long-range pokes like ziggs, brand, and Temmo. This rune will increase your early game damage and make it easier for you to poke out your enemy laner from the lane.

The Scorch also helps you win lane as this rune does 21-35 bonus damage based on level after you damage the enemy with the ability, and it has a 10-sec cooldown.

4. Giant Slayer

Giant Slayer Rune

If you are struggling, dealing with those pesky tanks who never seem to take any damage, then you would be happy to find out what this Giant Slayer rune does. This rune allows you to deal with those tanks effortlessly.

Giant Slayer allows you to do bonus damage to enemy champions based on their bonus health. It means you will do more damage. As I previously mentioned, the Giant Slayer rune is good against Wild Rift tanks like garen, sett, dr Mundo.

5. Ultimate shield

Ultimate shield Rune

When using this item, you get provided with a shield after casting your ultimate for 3 seconds. The Ultimate Shield rune is very good on Wild Rift champions who use their ultimate more, like Jax, Darius, and Camille. It also works well on Shvyana and champs that engage with their ultimate for extra security like Galio.

6. Nullifying orb

Nullifying orb Rune

If you find yourself constantly targeted and focused, playing nullifying orb will be the best option. This rune provides you a shield based on your maximum health if you are under 35% health for 4 seconds. It is a very crucial ability against heavy burst enemy teams. Therefore, Nullifying orb is also here in the best newly released Wild Rift Runes list.

7. Nimbus Cloak

Nimbus Cloak Rune in Wild Rift

Nimbus cloak provides extra movement every time you cast your summoner spell. It grants you 5-25% movement speed which can be very effective when used correctly. So, You take this rune when you need that little movement speed to either run away from your enemies or catch up with them.

8. Demolish

Demolish Rune

If your playstyle revolves around you pushing and destroying towers, then Demolish is the perfect rune for you as this rune does extra damage to turrets when fully charged. When fully charged, Demolish rune does 200+25% maximum health physical damage. This rune is very good for spilled pushing champions like Jax, Fiora, and Camillie in Lol Wild Rift.