Alistar Build in Wild Rift: Best Spells, Items, Counter, Runes

Alistar Build in Wild Rift: Best combo, Spells, Items, Counter, Runes

In this article, you will know how to build a support champion Alistar in Wild Rift to get all the benefits from him in the battle. So, let us continue.

So far, Alistar is one of the tackiest champions in LoL Wild rift due to the combination of aftershock, his ultimate, and Ionian locket. Alistar in the right hands can make the game feel like a 5vs6 due to constant roaming and map pressure. 

Alistar is the best supporter, but do not let the support title fool you. He can easily 1v1 any carry on the enemy team when left alone with them while taking 0 damage. It is challenging to deal with Full Alistar items as you can not kill him no matter what you do.

When you play Alistar, do not engage in unnecessary fights without being 100% sure that you will get team backup. As most games are thrown by supports randomly engaging without any team support. While using this champion, be sure to time your first and second abilities correctly. If you fail, you will end up pushing the enemy away. 

During the early stages, play safe till you get to the third level, and then you can start engaging. Also, look for roams and not just constantly stay in the lane. 

Once Alistar gets his ultimate, he becomes a different beast as he easily blocks 75% of all upcoming damage for free, which makes it so frustrating to play against him. Rush Deadman’s plate on Alistar, so you can get a massive amount of movement speed. It helps you roam and impact the map and help your teammates get leads easier and quicker.

Guide: All About Alistar Build in LoL Wild Rift

Alistar Combo: 

Your combo on Alistar is pretty straightforward, which is the second ability into the first ability to close the gap between you and the enemy and then knock them up. After that, you use your third ability and walk beside the enemy so you can stun the enemy.

Alistar Weakness and Counters: 

One of the biggest weaknesses of Alistar is his early game. He is a very mobile and squashy champion in the early game, and it is easy for the enemy dragon laners to poke him out and get him low enough to the point where he can not engage or start fights. 

Similarly, one of the best counters of Alistar is Vayne because she can melt Alistar with her passive no matter how tanky he is. We can say Vayne is strong against Alistar, and she can counter him in Wild Rift. So when you are playing Alistar, I suggest you ban Vayne.

Alistar Spells: 

For the Powerful build of Alistar in Wild Rift: flash and exhaust spells

For the Powerful build of Alistar in Wild Rift, you can pick flash and exhaust spells if the enemy team has champs with high damage. Or flash ignite is the perfect spell of Alistar for more aggressive plays, and if the enemy team has tons of healing.

Alistar Runes:

  • Aftershock 

This rune is valuable to Alistar as he can easily proc aftershock due to his multiple stuns, making him tankier. 

  • Weakness 

Since Alistar has CCs, he can adopt a weakness rune and give your teammates free damage to whoever you stun. 

  • Loyalty 

It is another best rune of Alistar in Wild Rift for providing yourself and your teammate armor and magic resistance. 

  • Path hunter 

You can either go pack hunter for the extra gold every time you and your teammate get a kill or pathfinder for extra movement for more roams. 

Best Build Items of Alistar: 

Best Build Items of Alistar

In LoL Wild Rift, The best build items for Alistar are Dead Man’s Plate, Zeke’s convergence, Upgraded boots with Locket, and protector. The last two items of Alistar can be anything tanky that will help you more sustain Depending on the enemy team comp.

The best skin of Alistar:

 Moo Cow of Alistar skin

The Moo Cow of Alistar is the only best skin for this champion in the LoL Wild rift.