Wild Rift Samira Build Guide: Play in Ranked

Wild Rift Samira Build Guide: Play in Ranked

In this article, we will discuss the best build for Samira in Lol Wild Rift, with her best Runes, Spells, Combos, Counters, Items and many more.

Samira is an ADC on the rift, a very similar champion to Katarina due to her insane ability to clean up fights and deal tons of aoe damage.

But, she is hard to play as her playstyle is risky, where she needs 5 people to do damage. However, if Samira manages to pull off those challenging plays, she is a very high reward champion.

She is also very annoying to deal with if your team does not have any form of stuns or crowd control if you do not cancel her ultimate, then she will surely kill your entire team.

Samira is also one of the champions in Wild Rift with both ranged and melee autos. If you hit enemies from afar, she will attack from range. But if you walk up to them and Auto, it will turn into melee attacks and grant you attack speed and bonus damage every time you attack in melee mode.

All about Samira Build in LoL Wild Rift

Samira’s Combo

In Wild Rift, Samira’s combination is pretty hard to pull off, but you first start off with your third ability and dash into the enemy team and use your second ability to stack your ultimate passive.

Then you keep attacking as much possible to as many champions as possible to stack your ultimate. Once your ultimate is stacked, be sure to hit by any stuns, as getting stunned will cancel your ultimate. You can also use Samira’s second ability to dodge projectile attacks like the Yasuo windwall.

Samira’s Counters and Weakness

One of the most significant flaws of Samira in Wild Rift is team comps with heavy stuns as they can shut Samira down and make her useless, not letting her stack her ultimate.

Another weakness of Samira is also her early game. Her early game feels very clunky and awkward as she is a champion that has to go into the enemies to do something, and you can not do that in the early game when you have no items.

The best counters of Samira are Junx, Ashe and Varus, while Samira is strong against the Wild Rift champions like Ezreal, Jhin and Xayah.

Samira’s Best Spells

Samira's Best Spells

Flash and barrier are the best spells to build Samira strong in Wild Rift as it provides her extra security and durability. However, you can also go flash and exhaust against heavy damage enemies.

Best Runes of Samira in Wild Rift

Best Runes of Samira in Wild Rift

Conqueror is the best rune for Samira as she can easily stack this rune, followed by Ravenous hunter.

She has lots of aoe damage, and she can easily heal herself using this rune, followed by an oblivion orb for the extra shield and sweet tooth as her final rune for the extra sustain during the laning phase.

Samira’s Best Items

Samira's Best Items

The first best build item in Wild Rift on Samira is always Bloodthirster for the shield and extra durability, followed by infirmity edge for extra crict and damage.

Then, pick items like Solari and mortal reminder for armour penetration and anti-heal, followed by guardian angel as your last item for extra security.

Samira’s skin

Samira's skin