Wild Rift Diana Build: Know All About Her

Wild Rift Diana Build: Know All About Her

Diana is a mage assassin who play best in the Wild Rift jungle and mid-lane. She is a suitable pick from Mid to late game. In the early game, somehow, she struggles, but once she gets two or three items, she will not upset you. Here, you will know- how to build your champion Diana in Lol Wild Rift and what are the best combo, counter, spell, rune, and item for her. So, let us continue.

Diana’s combo

In Wild Rift, Diana is a champion that truly shines when she is up close with the enemy champions, so to do her full combo, you need to dash into the enemy. The basic combo is always her first ability, so the enemies get marked and use her third and second abilities.

Then follow this combo with the ultimate of Diana to knock them all up. You can also do simple combos using her first ability passive and third ability dash, which frequently resets.

Counters to Diana in Wild Rift

Since Diana is very weak in the early game, she is easy to kill in the early game, so champions with the best early game performance that can snowball the game like zed, pantheon, and Lee sin can counter her by stopping her from farming to get her items.

So if you are playing Diana against early game champions, avoid making mistakes and farm to get your items. Some other counter of Diana in Wild Rift are twisted fate, Oriana.

Best Spell choices for Diana in Wild Rift

Best Spell choices for Diana

If you play Diana in the mid-lane, choose between ignite flash or flash and barrier.

If the enemy team has tons of damage, then I suggest you pick a barrier for the extra durability, and if not, ignite is always the best spell choice for Diana Build. But if you are playing Diana jungle, then smite flash is the perfect spell selection.

Best Item build for Diana in Wild Rift

Best Item build for Diana in Wild Rift

If you want to build Diana best, you should pick Rod Of Age, Nashors Tooth, Stasis, Morellos, Rabadoons Deathcap, and Void Staff which are perfect items for Diana. Let us know why.

Rod of ages as this item provides you with scaling stats which is very good for a scaling champion like Diana, and it makes her tanky too while dealing tons of damage.

Similarly, Diana depends on her auto attacks to deal damage, so Nashor tooth gives you tons of attack speed and magic damage.

Furthermore, since Diana always likes dashing into a group of enemies, the stasis item can grant her safety.

Moreover, Morellos is the best fourth item for Diana if there is alot of healing on the enemy team. Rabadoons deathcap is always a necessary item on Diana, followed by void staff for the magic penetration. It maximizes her damage, making her a beast in the late game.

Best Runes for Diana in Wild Rift

Best Runes for Diana

Conqueror is the best rune to build Diana in Wild Rift, as she makes full use of the time for max damage. The second best rune you can pick for Diana is either brutal or gathering storm.

Her third rune should always be adaptive carapace as it provides her with both armor and magic resistance. The adaptive carapace rune makes Diana super tanky.

Finally, finish the rune selection with hunter genius as sweet tooth recently got nerfed. It is not worth going sweet tooth anymore, so go hunter genius for the ultimate cooldown.

Diana’s Best Skin: Infernal Diana

Diana's Best Skin: Infernal Diana