How to reach Challenger in Wild Rift Quickly; Some Tips

How to reach Challenger in Wild Rift Quickly; Some Tips

The big question of every Wild Rift player is how to play the game to reach the challenger rank quicker than the competitor. So, in this article, I will try to answer this question.

LoL Wild rift is a very competitive team game where a single and minor mistake affects the outcome. Like every other online, there is a ranking system where players are placed in different ranks based on their skills.

There are 10 different ranks in Wild Rift:- iron, bronze, silver, platinum, emerald, Diamond, masters, grandmasters, and challenger. Among these all, challenger is the highest and Hardest rank to reach in the game.

5 Effective tips to reach LoL Wild Rift Challenger Rank

1. Have a high rate from the start

After you reach Diamond in Wild Rift, you will not get stars for winning every game like you used to get for emerald and below. But instead, you gain LP based on your MMR.

In Wild Rift, If your MMR is good, you will get LP gains like +15LP -10LP, and if your MMR is worse, you get +10 -15. It makes it much harder to climb up rank because if you lose two games, you have to win 3 more to make up for the lost LP.

And the only way you can have a good MMR is by having a decent or better win rate. So, it is necessary to have the best win rate from the start to hit challenger rank in Wild Rift.

2. Avoid playing on tilt

We all have those days where you always seem to lose no matter how good you play, and it puts you in a losing streak, and you feel like playing again and again even tho you are titled from losing so much. But you do not want to end the day with a loss.

Whenever you are tilted and tired, take a break and come back later or the next day. It is never a good idea to push rank in Wild Rift while you are tilted, as any small mistakes from your team can cause you to be more tilted and toxic.

3. Take breaks

If you’ve been grinding rank in the wild rift for hours without any rest, take a break for 15-30 minutes. Come back and play the game after you refresh and relax for some time.

When you play the game for that long, your brain no longer functions to its full potential. Your brain goes on autopilot mode. You start doing questionable things, which is never a good thing so take those breaks between games.

Therefore, being already a challenger in LoL wild rift, I suggest you do the same as I did.

4. Play with a duo

One of the best ways to reach challenger rank fast in Wild rift is playing duo with a decent teammate. Together, You can communicate and work with your mate, and any advantage is always a good thing in a strategy game like Wild Rift.

Also, be sure your duo mate is helpful and trustable because the burden of carrying your team does not only depend on you, and you can rely on someone else to Carry if you fail to. Also, the possibility of having 4 other Noob teammates is low if you play with a duo.

5. Always look to improve

No matter how long you have been playing or how good you think you’re, there is always room for improvement. There are always new things that you can learn every single game.

So drop your ego and think that you are better than everyone. Look for your mistakes and things you did wrong in a game. After that, try to fix it in the future instead of just focusing on your teammates’ mistakes and calling them Noob and flaming them.

So, this kind of step can improve your gameplay, and you will become a challenger player in Wild rift more quickly than you have ever expected.