Best Mid Lane Heroes in MLBB and their Build, Emblem & Spell

Best Mid Lane Heroes in MLBB and their Build, Emblem & Spell

Mid Lane is the most significant position in MLBB (Mobile legends), so you should be wise while picking the heroes. The mid-lane turrents provide a lot of area for your team’s vision, and if it is destroyed, the enemy will have the upper hand in vision and places to move.

ML midlaner is supposed to be the control of the game. Like the hyper, the midlaner must also rotate to other lanes to help their teammates. So means they must be quick to clear their lane first and help out other teammates. Mobile Legends Mid lane heroes are mostly mages and supports.

Top 6 Best Heroes you should Pick in MLBB for Mid Lane.

1. Vale

Vale is one of the strongest mages and an extremely good mid lane hero in ML. Not only can he clear the minion waves very fast, but he deals an insane amount of damage. When Vale gets his items, you can easily one-shot any marksman, mages, and assassins in the mid and late game.

Whenever he gets a kill or an assist, his movement speed goes up, with which you can rotate to another lane more quickly than others. He is the perfect hero for surprise Ganking the enemies in other Lanes in Mobile Legends.

Best emblem for Vale in MLBB: Best MID Lane hero

Vale is best with the mage emblem with the third/second talent and the spell flame shot or flicker, and the build for Vale is in the picture:

Vale's build in MLBB

2. Cecilion

Cecilion is a beast in the late game. He is a mage with burst potential of the vale. The performance of Cecilion is weak in the early game, but as the game progresses and he collects his stacks, his mana and damage increase.

Also, Cecilion is the fastest mage to clear the minion waves, and he is the best MLBB Midlaner for Ganking enemies from the early game itself. He is not as vulnerable as other mages in the game since he has relatively high health. He can 2-shot assassins and Marksmen with just his first skill in the late game. If you don’t have a late gamer in the team, Cecilion is the best hero you should pick for Mid lane.

Cecilion's emblem in MLBB

Moreover, Cecilion uses the mage emblem with the third talent, and the spell purify or flicker. The build for Cecilion is:

Best build for Cecilion in MLBB: A best hero for mid lane

3. Selena

Selena is an assassin/mage hero who is not that good at clearing minion waves. But she is incredibly good at creating an opening for the team. This hero can use her second skill to stun an enemy by throwing an abyssal arrow and dealing a lot of damage from far away.

After reaching level 2, this hero becomes powerful and plays best in mid lane in Mobile Legends. She is intense at Ganking other lanes, and she can move around the map very easily and fast.

Best emblem for Selena in MLBB

Moreover, to be the best, Selena uses the mage emblem with the second talent and spells flame shot or flicker, and her build is:

Best build for selena in MLBB

4. Pharsa

Pharsa is another hero who performs outstanding as a midlaner in Mobile legends as she is good at clearing minion waves. Her 4th skill allows her to turn into a bird and travel through walls. This ability makes her a mobile mage and makes Ganking other lanes easier. Each skill of Pharsa has a low cooldown, so clearing minions is no big deal for her.

Pharsa can use her ult to zone out the enemy and clear minions from very far away. She also deals a massive amount of damage, and if we talk about counters, then Pharsa is the counter hero to many other mages like Yve and Cecilion.

Pharsa is Powerful Mid lane hero in MLBB: The best emblem for her

For the best performance, Pharsa uses the mage emblem with second talent and the spell flicker, and her build is:

The best build for Pharsa in MLBB

5. Kagura

One of the best mages out there, Kagura has been the mage to choose no matter the meta. Kagura counters almost all mages in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. She is not that great at clearing the minion wave, but she is very good at assassinating enemy mages, Marksmen, and hypers.

Kagura's best emblem in Mobile Legends

To make the Kagura stronger in MLBB, you can use a mage emblem with the second talent with the spell execute or flame shot, and Kagura’s build is :

Kagura is strong mid lane hero in MLBB and it is her build

6. Cyclops

Cyclops is a very underrated mage hero. He is not picked that often in ranked and also taken to be very weak with no damage. But that is all wrong. Cyclops is a Powerful MLBB mage who can deal an insane amount of damage.

If you master Cyclops and play him wisely, he can give you the best outcome that other MLBB Mid lane heroes give in the battle. Also, you can play him as a jungler. His magic damage scaling, he is very sturdy and not very easy to kill. Whatever the meta is, you can pick Cyclops as a midlaner in ML without any worry.

Cyclops EMBLEM in MLBB

Cyclops uses the mage emblem with 3rd talent and spell flicker or purify, and Cyclops’s build is:

 Cyclops's build