Wild Rift Evelynn Champion: Best Items, Runes, Counter, Spell & Combo

Wild Rift Evelynn Champion: Best Items, Runes, Counter, Spell & Combo

An assassin mage Champion Evelynn has been dominating the LoL Wild Rift jungle since the start due to her invisibility passive which is very annoying to deal with in the mid to late game.

Evelynn is easy to use if you know how her second ability charm works. She has insane jungle clearing speed, and she can finish four jungle camps before the first scuttle spawns.

There, she will be level 4 while the enemy jungle will still be level 3, giving her a massive advantage which she can use to snowball.

If you are playing Evelynn, try not to force any Ganks and waste your time. Instead, power farm your jungle camps and try to get your level 5 ASAP to get you invisibly. Every time you have your ultimate, it is almost a guaranteed kill.

Guide: All about Evelynn Champion in LoL Wild Rift

Guide: All about Evelynn Champion in LoL Wild Rift

1. Evelynn’s Best Combo

The most basic Evelynn’s combo is- First, you use your second ability to charm the enemy and wait till the charm is fully activated. After that, use your first ability to activate charm and third ability to close the gap, followed up with ultimate.

2. Best Counters to Evelynn in Wild Rift.

One of the best strengths of Evelynn is her invisibility which Twisted fate can easily counter with his ultimate. Another weakness of Evelynn is early game jungle champions that can slow down her snowballing like Lee sin, pantheon, or Olaf.

So if you find yourself in a hard jungle matchup, farm safely and try not to force fights early on unless you are Fully sure you will win.

3. Best Spells you can use for Evelynn.

Best Spells you can use for Evelynn.

Flash and smite are the best spell choices for Evelynn. However, you can go either blue or red smite. If the enemy team has lots of squishy champions, you use blue smite, but if not, use red smite.

4. Best Items build for Evelynn in Wild Rift.

Best Items build for Evelynn

Oblivion orb is the first item on Evelynn as it increases her ultimate execute damage and gives her magic penetration. After that, use rush deathcap for insane damage.

Items such as Enchanted stasis gives extra security if you get focused on and lich bane does cooldown reduction and Extra movement speed to Evelynn.

Similarly, Your second last item for Evelynn should be morellos to deal with the healing on the enemy team and finish the item build with a void staff for maximum damage.

5. Best Runes to use for Evelynn

Best Runes to use for Evelynn

You can either pick electrocute or conqueror on Evelynn as both runes work great with her in Wild Rift Battle.

However, if the enemy team has a lot of squishy champions, you should go with electrocute, but if not, you can go conqueror.

Brutal is your next rune for Evelynn as it helps you with your early game jungle clear. And follow this item with bone plating and hunter titan for extra damage to jungle camps and objectives.