How to kill the Wither in Minecraft & How to spawn him?

How to kill the Wither in Minecraft & How to Spawn him?

The wither is a boss with the highest health (Hitpoint), and it attacks nearby players and mobs by throwing explosive skulls. You will not find Wither in the wild like other mobs, and also, it does not exist in the end like the ender dragon. If you want to kill Wither in Minecraft, firstly, you have to spawn him by yourself.

If we talk about the nature of Wither, then it is immune to fire, lava, drowning, and freezing, and it can break any blocks by touching it except bedrock. After reaching below half health, the wither gets natural wither armor and becomes more powerful. That is why most players find it hard to beat Wither in Minecraft.

How to spawn the Wither?

I already mentioned Wither does not spawn itself like other mobs, but you have to give him a life yourself. So, no need to go anywhere to find Minecraft boss Wither, you will have to make your own Wither, and for this, it requires five blocks of soul sand and three wither skeleton heads.

You can get soul sand in the nether and wither skeleton heads by killing wither skeletons which generally spawn in nether fortresses. There is no guaranteed chance of getting the skeleton head- you will need some luck by your side.

After getting the required items/resources, Make a T with the soul sand, then put the three wither heads on top, and with an explosion, the wither boss will spawn.

Making Wither in Minecraft

There, you successfully find the Wither in Minecraft, Or you successfully spawned him- both are the same, and now it is time to defeat him- Right?

Most effective ways to kill the wither in Minecraft

1. The normal way:

You can defeat the wither normally, for which you will need to have powerful armor and good weapons. Use your bow and arrows for the first phase, and then you can use your sword in the second phase.

When the Wither has about half health, he goes to his second phase, in which he wears wither armor, and he becomes immune to arrows here, so use your sword to slay him.

2. In the cave:

Since the wither flies in the sky, you ought to trap him. You can go into a cave, Dig out an area and spawn him there. Be sure to go a little far when he explodes.

Clear a bit of the area for yourself to move around. Also, place a bucket of water in a nearby wall to prevent explosion damage from the wither. Now, the strategy is like the first one- First, use the bow and then the sword.

Using the cave method, the wither won’t be able to move that freely, so you can kill him faster if you fight him wisely.

3. In the nether

Killing Wither in Minecraft Nether

The weakness of Minecraft Wither is it cannot destroy bedrocks. So, go to the nether through the nether portal, then climb to the nether roof until you find bedrock. Now you want to clear a small area and search for a point where the wither will be stuck.

Make a small platform with obsidian to place the soul sand and wither skeleton heads, and then you can kill the wither with the bow and swords in the Minecraft Nether.

4. With the help of iron golems

Everyone knows iron golems are the powerful domestic mobs in Minecraft. But, do you know? You can beat Minecraft wither with the help of these giants(Iron Golem). For this, you will need a lot of iron, though.

You will need to make lots of iron blocks and jack O lanterns. Firstly, you will need to make a little cave area(At most 3 block height), then make some iron golems. After making many golems there, spawn the wither and let the golems do the damage, and you hit the final shot to kill him. But, keep your distance when they are fighting.

5. In the end

You can kill the wither in the end too, but for this, you will need to defeat the Minecraft boss ender dragon first. Firstly, you will need to go to the end through the end portal. Then go to the pillar where the dragon egg is.

Now make an area(3 blocks high) under the bedrock pillar. Here you need to make a platform of obsidian, then make the wither statue. You can make the wither statue like a fallen T. Now, the wither will be stuck in the bedrock, and you can defeat him quickly.

In conclusion, You can respawn the wither in Minecraft anytime, anywhere if you have resources, but to defeat him requires some effort that we discussed in this article.