DR. Mundo Wild Rift: His Build, Combo, Rune, Spell, & Counter

DR. Mundo Wild Rift: His Build, Combo, Rune, Spell, & Counter

Dr. Mundo is a tanky champion in LoL Wild Rift that goes where he pleases in the baron or jungle lane. He is known as an insane healer and sustainable champ in the game.

If the enemy team has lots of magic damage, playing Mundo is a no-brainer. Why? Because the amount of health and magic resists he gets from his ability is just insane.

Even if the enemy team has heavy magic damage, playing Dr. Mundo is almost guaranteed a free win as he is a tank who can counter magic champions.

Guide: All about Dr. Mundo in Lol Wild Rift

DR. Mundo

1. Dr. Mundos combo

Honestly, WildRift champion such as Mundo, who is there to take his opponent down, does not really have any combo.

So when playing him, you can not play him safe. You have to play Full aggression and be sure to land your first ability. This kind of step can provide you with a slow, which you can use to catch up to enemies.

2. DR. Mundo Counter

The biggest and best counter to Dr. Mundo in Wild Rift is grievous wounds, also known as Reduced Healing. Since the sustainability of Mundo comes from his healing skill, and if the enemy team buys Reduce Healing, the tankiness of Mundo will be useless.

Mundo usually is a strong pick in low ranks as no one builds reduce healing, but in high level, as soon as the enemy team sees a Mundo, they will rush grievous wound as their first item.

3. Best Spells for Dr. Mundo

Spells for Dr. Mundo

The best spell for Mundo champion in WildRift is either ignite flash or flash smite spell, depending on whether you are jungle or baron lane. You can also replace flash with a ghost if you know what you are doing.

4. Best Item Builds for Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo Build in Wild Rift

Since Dr. Mundo is a tanky champion in Wild Rift that does more damage, you have to build a full tank on him.

The first best build item for Mundo should be the Sunfire cape which can stack with your second ability and burn the enemies more and follow that up with spirit visage for extra recovery. After that, you can adapt your build according to the enemy team.

If the team has heavy magic damage, then use stack magic resists, and if not, you can stack health and armor. Be sure to always get warnings for the extra heal out of combat and health.

5. Best Runes for Dr. Mundo

Best Runes for Dr. Mundo

Grasp of the undying is the best rune choice for Dr. Mundo. This rune can further enhance Autos pack a punch which makes Mundo more tanky and grants him more health.

Similarly, the Weakness is the second-best rune for Mundo in Wild Rift as he has a constant slow which can constantly make use of this passive.

After that, the Wind rune is good on Mundo as it enhances your heal. The final rune is hunter genius, as Mundo is squishy without his ultimate, so you need his ultimate up as much as possible.