Akali in Wild Rift: Counters and Best Runes and Item build

Akali in Wild Rift: Counters and Best Runes and Item build

Akali is one of the broken picks when played in the right hands. Currently, Akali is one of the hardest assassins to play in Wild Rift due to her hard kit.

She is hard to play and takes some time to master, but once you get the hang of using her, she will help to dominate the battle. She’s usually played in the mid or baron lane.

Akali is a real nuisance to deal with in the rift, as unlike other assassins in Wildrift, she has a lot of abilities that can get her out of sticky situations like her tons of gap closers and dashes.

If that is not enough, she also has invisibility that can make her invisible during fights. Also, she can attack you without you getting any chance to hurt back in LOL Wild rift battle.

Do not even try running from her as she can close the gap between you and her. Akali does an insane amount of damage no matter how behind she is, and she can go for the enemy backline carry’s during team fights and one-shot them.

Just keep in mind- she is the Hardest champion to use and master in Wild Rift. So, practice her before you pick her in the rank and get flamed by your team for being useless.

Akali counter

Wild Rift champions like Lee sin, twisted fate, or even Morgana’s ultimate are the best counters for Akali. These champions can reveal Akali when she goes invisible in her shrouds.

The weakness of Akali is grouping as a team against her to not let her pick up alone and mispositioned teammates.

If you are sticking together as a team, you can kill her effortlessly because of more focus. So when you are using Akali, be sure not to be greedy and go in 1vs5.

Runes and item build for Wild Rift champ Akali

Best Runes for Akali

1. Best Runes for Akali and why you should take them

(I). Conqueror
Since Akali has many abilities, she can spam during bf team fights, and she can easily stack conqueror rune and have it be at max stacks as soon as possible, giving her more energy.

(II) Hunter-vampirism
Like I said earlier, Akali has a lot of abilities she can use, and hunter vampirism makes healing much more effortless.

(III) Adaptative carapace
It is the best rune compared to other runes because all the others got a nerf. This rune for Akali helps you against both Ad or Ap enemy teams.

(IV) Sweet tooth
Sweet tooth is the best rune in the early stages due to its healing ability and the gold you get. Free gold is always good, and any advantage in the early game is Op.

2. Akali Item build

Best item build for Wild Rift champ Akali

For Wild Rift champion Akali, the first best item is the infinity orb because it provides magic penetration and magic ability. Then buy liandrys torment as she can easily stack the passive, giving her more damage.

Finally, you finish the build of Akali with an enchanted stasis boot and deathcap to maximize damage and finish it off with morellos and void staff. With this build of Akali, you can easily one-shot anyone in the late game.