How to buy Dota 2 skins in Nepal? CODASHOP

How to buy Dota 2 skins in Nepal? CODASHOP

In the Dota 2 world, Skins are symbols of a professional and a passionate player. Buying skins in this game is easy, but you might find it uneasy if it’s your first time. So, here I will explain how you can buy Dota 2 skins in Nepal.

To purchase Dota 2 skin, you need to purchase a steam wallet card first, so here, I will use the website to buy steam wallet cards.

Coda shop is a fully trustable website, and it has cheaper rates than other platforms. Also, be sure to purchase wallet cards from trusted websites. There have been a lot of complaints and reports about players being scammed by such websites in the community.

How to buy steam wallet card and Dota 2 skins in Nepal

Step 1:- First of all, go to (This will bring you to the homepage of the coda shop.)

|Step 2:- Then scroll down and go to the voucher section. There you will see a list of available gift cards, then select the steam wallet card option.

Step 3:- Then click on the amount of steam wallet card you want to purchase. (currently, four steam wallet cards are available, ranging from NRP 330 to nrP2200). There is a limit on the payment option, so be sure to have a new account.

Step 4:- After selecting the card, enter your Gmail at the email address option. Then press the ‘Buy now’ option. Then you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ve to log in to your esewa account and pay the amount.

Step 5:- After completing your payment, go to your Gmail inbox, and you should see an email from the coda shop with a serial number. Copy that serial number and open your steam account.

Step 6:- At the upper left of the steam homepage, click on your profile, then select the view my wallet option.

Step 7:- Select the Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code option. And paste the serial code, then click continue.

You have successfully redeemed your steam wallet card in your account, so now login to Dota 2 and go to the skin or item you want to purchase, then click on the buy now option and complete your transaction from Nepal.

You can also purchase Dota 2 skins from other websites by connecting your steam account but be sure to use only trusted websites.

(Hope you enjoyed reading this article!!)