Ahri Wild Rift: Best Build, Runes, and her weakness

Ahri Wild Rift: Best Build, Runes, and her weakness

In wild rift, Ahri is an assassin mage mid laner who has tremendous damage and dashes that can help her escape any sticky situation.

She is played in the mid-lane and has always been the strongest and most viable pick. So, to learn mid-lane, pick Ahri as she is a beginner Friendly champion and doesn’t require much skill to learn.

In the game, you want to constantly roam after pushing in your lane that Ahri is really good at due to her insane wave clear potential. Then you want to look for Roams and secure kills and objectives with the team that gives you and your team a massive lead.

However, you should not stop at just one or two kills, but you should constantly be roaming and applying pressure. Land your skills as Ahri has two crucial skill shot abilities, and if you miss both, Ahri is useless.

And for the late game, once you have full items, you can look to one-shot any enemy carry’s that’s alone and miss positioned as her late-game charm last for 2 seconds, and she can easily one-shot them.

Just be sure not to be too greedy and throw your lead and bounty away by pointless dashing in and then dying.

All about Ahri champion in LOL: Wild Rift

1. Weakness of Ahri

Ahri champion in LOL: Wild Rift

No matter how strong a champion is, there always is a flaw, but unlike others, Ahri doesn’t have many weaknesses. Ahri has free three flashes built in her ultimate, and players generally build protobelt on her that adds up to 5 dashes, including her Flash.

So, the only best way to kill Ahri is by picking a team comp that has high crowd control and stuns to lock her down. Otherwise, if your team has 0 crowd controls, Ahri can do what she wants, dash around your team, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Another weakness of Ahri is the champion who can clear waves faster than her and then rotate. So, Wild Rift champions like Galio, ziggs, Zed, Yauso is the best counter against Ahri. These champs can shove their waves faster than Ahri and stop her from getting potential kills from Ganks.

2. Most reliable items build for Ahri.

There are many different items you can buy for Ahri, and there really isn’t any wrong answer. But the following build is by far the Strongest build you can purchase for Ahri in Wild Rift as it provides you with everything you need.

Most reliable items build for Ahri.

First, buy Ludens echo(the best item on every mage) as it provides mana and magic haste. Then After you rush straight Rabadoons deathcap and cooldownboots with protobelt as enchantment. After that, you can go awakened soulstealer for maximum ultimate cooldown. If the enemy team has much healing, you follow with Morellos and void staff to be a Full item.

3. Ahri Runes in LOL Wild Rift

1. Electrocute:- Since Ahri is an assassin, she can use electrocute for maximum damage- the best rune for her so far.

2. Brutal:- a Very important rune for the early game damage and crucial to snowball.

3. Adaptive carapace:- This rune is very good against both AD and Ap teams.

4. Mana flow band:- Since Ahri struggles with mana issues in-game, this rune helps fix the problem.