Sion Wild Rift: Best Build, Item, Counter, Spells, Runes

Sion Wild Rift: Best Build, Item, Counter, Spells, Runes

Recently released champion Sion, a baron laner in LoL Wild Rift, has been dominating the rift with his stuns, disables and being unkillable while doing tons of damage.

He is a farm-reliant champion due to his second ability, which grants him bonus health the more units he kills. Undoubtedly, Sion is easy to use champ; however, at the same time, you need to perfectly time his abilities as his abilities are hard to land, especially his ultimate and first ability.

You need to predict the enemy movements for them to land, but if you manage to land both backs to back, it will be a game changer as the amount of crowd control Sion provides is insane.

Also, Sion is a very mobile champion as he does not have any dashes, and once he gets caught, it will be hard for him to escape unless he uses his ultimate to run away.

All About LoL Wild Rift Champion Sion

Best Combos of Sion

Sion is a pretty straightforward champion like his combo. His combo is first starting the fight with his ultimate, which grants him tons of movement speed, and it makes you unstoppable. Means-no one can stop your ultimate, and it only stops when you hit an enemy champion or a terrain.

But once you land your ultimate on the enemy, Sion stuns the enemy for 1.5 seconds which is more than enough time to fully charge your first ability and knock them up for an extra 1.5-second stun, followed by your second ability and the third ability for max damage.

Make sure you do not miss your ultimate, as it is the most crucial part of the landing, and if you miss your ultimate or hit terrain, it will stun you instead. Another simple combo of Sion you can do in lane is to use his third ability and push the enemy minion towards the enemy so the slow applies to the enemy so that he can not easily dodge your first ability.

Best Spells of Sion

Best Spells of Sion

Flash and ignite are always good spells on Sion in LoL Wild Rift for the extra kill pressure and grievous wound that ignite provides. However, you can also go barrier or exhaust if you are against very heavy damage enemy team champs.

WR Sion Counters and Weaknesses

As mentioned above, Sion is a most farm-reliant champion as he can not get bonus health if he does not farm and kill units in the lane. So if you are behind on the farm, you will not be very tanky and can easily get killed.

Another weakness of Sion is his hard-to-land and easy-to-dodge abilities; however, his biggest weakness is his lack of mobility. He might be one of the few champions in LoL Wild Rift without mobility, which can be risky if you do not position yourself carefully in fights.

Moreover, Sion is weak against the champs like Darius and Garen, but he is strong against Akali, Annie, Jax and Teemo in Wild Rift. It depends upon how you play the Sion in the match. Sion can also counter the champions like Irelia, Nasus and many more.

Best Sion’s Runes in Wild Rift

Best Sion's Runes in Wild Rift

Since Sion always likes to fight, going grasp on him is very good as you can constantly proc the grasp with autos. Sion’s second rune will be a triumph as you get tons of health when you kill an enemy champion, followed by conditioning.

The conditioning rune is best in Sion for both magic and physical damage, but the only problem is it takes some time to work. Therefore, be sure to play a little safe in the early game.

Finally, your last rune is Demolish, as sion has lots of health and can do tons of damage to towers with demolishing, so picking this rune on Sion is a no-brainer.

Best Items Sion

Best Items Sion

Sunfire cape is the best build item on Sion in Wild Rift since he likes to always be up on the face of enemy teams, and Sunfire allows for that type of playstyle and lets you get more farm.

After sun fire, your second item will be Thornmail for the anti-heal, followed by steel-plated boots. Your third item will be warmog for the extra health and health regen, and finish the Sion build with spirit visage and randuin’s omen for maximum damage.

The best skin of Sion

The best skin of Sion in Wild Rift