LoL Wild Rift Kassadin: Best Item Build, Runes, Spells, Counters

LoL Wild Rift Kassadin: Best Item Build, Runes, Spells, Counters

Kassadin is a champion in LoL Wild Rift who works as an assassin mage, generally played in the mid-game. He is a very late-game champion and truly shines in the mid to late stages.

Kassadin is notoriously is one of the Strongest counters to any mage in the mid-lane and is hard to kill due to his multiple dashes and tons of damage.

It is a nightmare to lane against Kassadin if you are a mage or if the game goes to late game and he has Full items as he can easily one-shot you, and there is nothing much you can do about it other than just watching him dash 100 times around you and your teammate.

All About the Kassadin Build in LoL Wild Rift

Kassadin Combo

First, you charge your third ability. Then, you can look to engage the enemies with your ultimate and slow from your third ability, followed by your first ability. Use second ability for extra damage followed by ultimate till the enemy dies.

Kassadin Counter and Weakness

Since Kassadin is a very hyper-scaling champion and a monster in the later stage, his early game is weak, and he almost always gets bullied by every mid-laner.

Kassadin can not rotate to help his teammates; however, you can counter this by picking Kassadin last; and you should play the early stages of the game very safely.

Also, another weakness of Kassadin is an enemy team with very heavy stuns and cc that can lock you down in one place and kill you.

Riven, Irelia and Yasuo are the best picks against Kassadin in Wild Rift, as these champions can counter him easily. Similarly, Kassadin is weak against the champs like Katarina, Annie and Ahri.

Kassadin’s Best Spells

Kassadin's Best Spells

Flash and ignite are always the best spells for Kassadin in LoL Wild Rift, as he can kill any squishes in the late game.

However, you can also pick barrier flash or exhaust flash spells for Kassadin if you are against heavy damage enemies for extra security.

Best runes of Kassadin in LoL Wild Rift

Best runes of Kassadin in LoL Wild Rift

There are currently two Normal builds for Kassadin in Wild Rift: Heavy burst and Sustained Burst builds. For heavy burst runes: Electrocute, Triumph or Scorch (Scorch is for lane phase against champs you cannot actively harass), Second wind or Bone plating, Sweet tooth or Hunter Genius.

For Kassadin’s best sustained burst runes: Conqueror, Triumph, Second wind/Adaptive Carapace/Bone plating(dependent on enemy comp), Hunter Genius.

Best Items of Kassadin in Wild Rift

Best Items of Kassadin in Wild Rift

For Kassadin’s sustained burst item build: Tear start>Rush Road of ages, Lucidity Hourglass (Or buy Lucidity boots only and rush the second item if behind), Rabbadon’s or Infinity Orb (Once again, depending on whether or not you’re ahead, can be interchanged) Void staff, tear item (Manamune or Seraph’s embrace).

For Kassadin’s heavy burst items: Tear start, Rush Luden’s, Lucidity Hourglass, Rabbadon’s or Infinity Orb (If you’re ahead, rush Rabbadon’s. If you’re mostly even or behind, go I0 instead), Gunblade (Optional. This is only for some people who are not as used to kassadin’s burst damage and want sustain. Otherwise, buy either Rabbadon’s if you didn’t already, or Morellonomicon), Void staff or defensive AP items such as Banshee’s veil or Crystalline mirror (Depending on the matchup, buy Manamune for damage, or Seraph’s embrace for shield)

Kassadin’s skin: Harbinger