Best life steal items in Wild Rift for Extra survival

Best life steal items in Wild Rift

In LoL Wild Rift, life steal is a stat that grants you healing when you damage an enemy unit, which is the most important stat for any carry. It provides you with recovery and durability while dealing with an enemy unit.

So, If you are a carry, you should always be buying some life steal items as in the late game, no matter how low you are, you can fully heal up without having to recall and walk back.

Life stealing ability can also help you win close fights in Wild Rift as when you hit the enemy, at the same time, you will recover, which is a massive advantage. So, I will tell you about some Powerful lifesteal items you should Pick in WR Fights for more survival.

4 Best Life Steal Items you must have in Lol Wild Rift:

1. Vampiric scepter

Vampiric scepter: Wild Rift Life Steal Item

The Vampiric Scepter is the most common Life steal item because every Ad-carry builds this item in the early stages. You can buy this item on your first recall, and it provides you a 10% life steal and 20 damage. Another reason for being Vampiric Scepter in the list of best lifesteal items is you can afford it as it is not much expensive.

2. Hextech gunblade

Hextech gunblade: Life Steal Item

The Hextech Gunblade is a perfect life stealer for mages and champions in Wild Rift who believes in ability and power. This life steal item is good for mages like Akali and Katarina as it provides you sustain and burst damage.

It does 100-200 extra ability damage to one enemy champion, making it easier to one-shot them.

You can also rush this as your first item if you are an assassin Mage, as the early base damage is good. The Hextech Gunblade is relatively cheap compared to other ability items in Wild Rift, and it provides you with both physical and magic vamp.

3. Bloodthirster

Bloodthirster WR

Without any doubt, BloodThirster is one of the best life steal items in Wild Rift as it provides you with everything an AD carry needs, which is a critical strike, a healing, and a free shield.

When you buy this item and overheal yourself, which means healing even when you are in full health. You’ll gain a free shield that can absorb from 40-320 damage which means extra security and survival.

Also, this item provides you with a decent amount of attack damage and critical strike chance. Bloodthirster is a suitable item for Wild Rift champions like Jhin, Caitlyn, draven.

4. Blade of the ruined king

Blade of the ruined king Wild Rift

Blade of the ruined item is another item in this list that provides a high life-stealing ability to the Champions. This item is good on AD carry’s that rely heavily on attack speed.

Also, It is perfect against tanks that like building health as it does a percentage of their max health. It provides you with a movement speed steal every time you use 3 attacks or abilities on an enemy champion.

It gives you much utility and value that you’ll often see carriers rushing this item as their first item. The Blade of The Ruined King item is Good for champions like Ashe, Vayne, and xayah.