Karma LoL Wild Rift: Best Build, Combo, Counter, Spell, Runes

Karma LoL Wild Rift: Best Build, Combo, Counter, Spell, Runes

Karma is a champion in LOL Wild Rift that you can play as support or mage, depending on the needs. Currently, Karma is best played Full magic damage as she gets more utility from building magic than going support items.

Even if you can play her as Mid Laner, she can have a high impact on the role, like support and mage, at the same time. She can deal tons of damage while shielding her entire team made it very frustrating to play against her.

Also, karma is very easy to learn champ compared to other Wild Rift traditional mid laners as her kit is very simple and easy to understand.

Guide: All about the LoL Wild Rift Champion Karma

Karma Combos

Karma has a unique passive similar to Annie. She has three stacks, and she can stack using her ability. Her next ability after the third stack will be an empowered version of her spell.

The empowered first ability does more damage, slows the enemy, and leaves an aoe area. The second ability roots everyone around you like Morgana ult, which can be game-changing.

Similarly, Karma’s empowered third ability gives your whole team the best shield and movement speed. Finally, the ultimate stucks all enemies inside and slow them, which can be impactful if your team can follow up.

Karma Counters

The main Weakness of Karma is her lack of mobility. Therefore, enemy champs that can easily lock her down and kill her or assassins with tons of mobility can counter Karma in Wild Rift like zed, fizz, or even Akali. That is why going stasis on her is Important positioning.

Karma Spells

Flash and barrier are the most efficient spells for Karma in Wild Rift. These two spells can give you some more safety by advancing the low mobility of this champion.

Karma Build Items

Karma Build Items in Wild Rift

In LoL Wild Rift, Rod of Ages is the best first build item on Karma champ, as it is a scaling ability item that provides you both with health and magic damage.

Awakened soulstealer is the second-best item for Karma as her ultimate is a game-changing ultimate so having it up is very important.

Similarly, the third item is enchanted cooldown boots with stasis followed by deathcap, banshees shield, and ryalis crystal so you can be tanky while providing utility and damage for your team.

Karma Runes

Arey rune works best with Karma in Wild Rift, as it can increase your shielding and does poke damage to the enemy team. Weakness will be your second time as you have a lot of slows and snares.

The third time will be adaptive carapace followed up with hunter titan or mana flow band.

Karma Skin

Warden karma: Karma skin

Warden karma is the only skin she has currently but worries not because more skins will be in the game.