Wild Rift Shen Build: His Best Spell, Combo, Counter, Rune

Wild Rift Shen Build: His Best Spell, Combo, Counter, Rune

Shen is a very impactful new baron laner champion in LoL Wild Rift, and you should focus on his build. His ultimate that gives a selected teammate a global shield to which he can teleport after some seconds.

He can easily soak up a tremendous amount of damage and taunt the entire team making it easier for your teammates to land their abilities.

So, If you want a baron laner who can have the most impact while in the lane, then shen is the right champion for you. Your main role is to farm in lane or push towers. And when your team needs you, you simply ult towards them and be there in a fight while giving one of your team the best shield.

Your ultimate is very important as you can also use it to stop any tower dives that the enemy team tries to do, which often leads your team to get a kill instead.

During the late game stages, your job is to taunt the enemy carry and use your first and second ability to make the carry’s auto attacks useless. It is very annoying to play against Shen.

Build Guide: All about the Shen in LoL Wild Rift

Shen Combo

The Shen combo is pretty straightforward in Wild Rift. First, you use your third ability to close the gap between you and the enemy and taunt them. After, you use your First ability, followed by the second ability to block all incoming attack damage.

However, you can also use your ultimate with this combo as your ultimate has a channel time, and takes time.

Shen Counter

Since shen has an ability that blocks all attack damage in an area around his shield, champions with ability damage can counter him as shen can not Block magic damage, which makes his whole kit useless.

Whenever you’re against shen, and you are the second pick, do not pick a champion that deals purely attack damage.

Shen Spells

Ignite got an early game buff, and it’ll be your best spell followed with flash for Shen in Wild Rift. You can also go exhausted and exhaust the carry-on enemy team that does the most damage.

Shen Build Items

Shen Build Items in Wild Rift

Sunfire Cape is the best item build for Shen in LoL Wild Rift as it is just too broken, and follow that item with a Deadman’s plate for the movement speed for map pressure and roaming.

Similarly, the ninjas tabis is your third-best item, and the fourth is the Thornmail item for Shen. Finish that Shen builds with spirit visage and warmog item for more health and cooldown reduction.

Cooldown reduction is best on shen as his ultimate is impactful, and having it all the time is very Op.

Shen Runes

Grasp the undying rune is best on Shen in Wild-Rift as he always sticks on his enemy and fights constantly. So he can easily make full use of grasp the undying giving him more healing and sustain in lane.

Next time you can either go weakness or brutual and conditioning for late-game tankiness and end that build with hunter genius for ultimate cooldown reduction.

Shen’s skin

Shen Skin: blood moon

Since Shen is a newly released champion, he only has one skin, so blood moon shen is your only option.