Best Legends in Apex Legends Mobile to rank up- Top 5

Best Legends in Apex Legends Mobile to rank up- Top 5

Selecting and playing perfect legends is one of the best strategies to rank up fast in Apex legends mobile. When you get introduced to Apex mobile, you have to start the game with a character called Bloodhound. Unlike other games where you get to customize your character with different clothes and skin complexions, Apex legends also have different characters with specific abilities.

Each character in this game is called a Legend, and they have one passive and two skills. A passive is a trait the character has that you do not have to click to trigger, but it activates itself as per need. All the legends have their own specialty and role in the game. So, to play the game properly, you must understand the skills of all the Legends.

Apex legends is a teamwork game- meaning you will have to play with the other two players. Each player has to pick a role to fulfill in the game. While choosing your legend, you must see the need of your team and what your teammates select. If the team does not have a scout or a front liner, or a medic, the chances of winnings are low. There are 9 legends in Apex legends mobile so far, and you can get most of them by just leveling up. You can collect them from the perks path in the top right corner of your lobby.

Top 5 Best Legends for rank up in Apex Legends Mobile.

1. Bloodhound

Apex Mobile: BloodHound

Bloodhound falls in the scout category, also called a technological tracker, and he is the first hero you get for free on Apex mobile. The enemy position is the most crucial thing in any versus multiplayer game. So, if your team needs a scout, then Bloodhound is the perfect Apex Mobile legend for you.

About the Skills of Bloodhound
(I) Passive:- As the name stands, he is a bloodhound. He can track the enemy’s footprints when you are in combat. These footprints will show up on the screen with time.

(II) Skill:- He can scan the area around him for enemies. If there are enemies nearby, you and your allies can see where they are, and also Bloodhound can detect traps.

(III) Ultimate:- When you use ultimate, Bloodhound can move faster and see cold tracks of your enemies.

2. Gibraltar

Gibraltar: A best legend in Apex Mobile To rank up

Gibraltar falls in the category of a tank. He is a tank, also called a shielded fortress. His skill set allows him to shield himself and his allies from bullets. In my opinion, Gibraltar is one of the most Powerful legends and the best member of the team that can help push rank faster in Apex Legends Mobile.

About the Skills of Gibraltar
(I) Passive:- When aiming, Gibraltar gets a shield that can block incoming fire.

(II) Skill:- Gibraltar throws a Dome in the battlefield to cover an area, and no bullets can pass through. It acts as a safe place for you and your teammates for healing, reviving, etc.

(III) Ultimate:- Gibraltar can summon an airstrike in an area by throwing a smoke signal. The enemies in the area will receive damage and slow down for a while.

3. Octane

Octane: You can pick this hero to push rank in Apex legends mobile

Octane is a high-speed daredevil who can cover a distance in a small amount of time with his skills. He is the perfect character for playing aggressively or escaping from teamfights in Apex Mobile.

About the Skills of Octane
(I) Passive:- When not engaged in a battle for a time, Octane regenerates his HP over time.

(II) Skill:- By losing some HP, Octane can sprint faster, and his movement speed increases for a while.

(III) Ultimate:- Octane throws a jump pad that anyone can use to fly in the sky and travel very long distances. This helps play aggressive or escaping.

4. Mirage

Mirage is another best Character available in Apex mobile. He is a holographic trickster who can summon decoys of himself with his skills to fool the enemy. In close combat, when enemies are right in front of you, this helps a lot. The enemies will waste bullets on your decoy and distract them, making it easy for your team. So, if you want to rank up in Apex Mobile, you can pick legend, Mirage.

About the Skills of Mirage:
(I) Passive:- When reviving or using a survey beacon, he becomes invisible/ Wears an invisible cloak.

(III) Skill:- Mirage summons a decoy to a certain direction and can control the decoy’s movements to distract the enemy.

(III) Ultimate:- Mirage summons an army of decoys near him, which he can control, confusing the enemy.

5. Lifeline

Apex Legends Mobile: LifeLine

Lifeline is the only medic in Apex Legends Mobile for now, and she is a good hero, in my idea. In any war or battle, a Medic is a must. She does this job very well, and also she is excellent at healing and reviving teammates.

About the Skills of Lifeline:
(I) Passive:- When reviving teammates, Lifeline summons a DOC that revives the teammate itself, giving a shield. During this time, Lifeline can do whatever she wants.

About the Skills of Lifeline:
(I) Skill:- Lifeline can summon the DOC to heal nearby teammates and herself.

Skill of Lifeline

(II) Ultimate:- Lifeline can call a Care package from the sky, which will give defensive items.

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