How to win more in Apex Legends Mobile? You are the Champion

How to win more in Apex Legends Mobile? You are the Champion

Apex Legends Mobile is a battle royale game in which 60 players land on the battlefield to fight each other to win. Each Squad of 3 has an equal chance of winning the game. But the Squad with better equipment, luck, and skill has a better chance of winning. So winning a game might not be as easy.

In this article, I have mentioned some tips that will help to make you the champion at the end of each match in Apex Mobile.

Best ways to win more matches in Apex Legends Mobile

Play with your friends

Battle royale games are always fun to play with your friends. Playing with the team is not just fun, but it also increases the chances of winning the game. You know how skilled and good your friends are at the game after playing a few matches. You will learn their playstyle.

The best thing about playing apex mobile with friends is that you can communicate with them, which will make the match much more accessible. You can also trust and rely on your friends rather than random teammates. Therefore, I suggest you play with your best friends to win more games on Apex mobile.

Always stick to your teammates.

Whether you are playing solo or you are playing with your friends, since Apex is a three-person squad game, it is always important to stick to your teammates.

You never know whether you get ambushed by 3 people or rushed by others. You can hardly beat the opponent if it is a 3vs1, so you should always play by sticking close to your teammates so they can provide you with backup in case of ambush or a team fight.

Drop at good locations

Drop in Best location to win every Apex Legends Mobile match.

Dropping at the best location is equally important as other aspects to win every Apex Legends Mobile match. Landing at a better place means a place where you can find good loot and get an early battle.

Dealing damage gives you EVO points that upgrade your body shield, so it is necessary to take fights too. You will also need good guns and armor- a person with a better gun and armor will have a higher chance of being champion in each match of Apex mobile.

Play with the legend you are familiar with

Every legend in Apex has different abilities. There are about 10 legends in the game so far with unique abilities. It will take time to learn about each of their passives and skill.

To increase your chances of victory in Apex Mobile, you need to play with the legends whose abilities you are most familiar with and able to play good at.

Loot care packages and go to vaults

Care packages and vaults are the best sources of loot. They provide you with endgame gear. Care packages spawn on the map in different locations during the mid to late stages of the game in Apex Mobile. They contain Mythical weapons, shield batteries, armor, etc.

You can open the vault through a vault key and have tier 3-4 backpacks, helmets, attachments, body shields, etc. These are the best sources of loot that will increase the chances of winning.

Play strategically

Playing with strategies is very important in any game like Apex. For example, if you are in a fight and have low health, you should escape as soon as possible, which is a strategic move.

Many legends in Apex can escape out of a fight. You should rush the enemy once you knock one person down or if the enemies are low. You can bait the opponents into firing and revealing their positions. Playing like this and making plans will help you to win.