Loba in Apex Legends Mobile: All About This Legend

Loba in Apex Legends Mobile

Loba is the latest new legend in Apex Legends Mobile after Fade. This burglar-type legend Loba plays the role of support in a team like Lifeline, and in this article, you will know her skills and the best perks for her.

Loba’s Skills

Apex Mobile Loba has very different sets of skills than any other character in the game.

(i) Passive:- Loba’s passive skill is called Eye for quality. Using this ability, Loba can see nearby epic, legendary and mythic loot like epic or golden body shields, digital threat scopes, and turbochargers through walls.

This passive will make it easier to find the best loot items at the start of the game when everyone is busy finding a good gun and vest. You can ping those items through obstacles, supply bins, and care packages.

(ii) Tactical ability:- Loba’s tactical ability is Burglar’s best friend. She can throw her bracelet at a distance, to which, after a while, she teleports. It is the best skill of Apex Mobile Loba for quick escapes from enemies and a fast way to travel in a short period. You can also use this ability to go behind the enemy and surprise them.

(iii) Ultimate:- Loba’s Ultimate is called Black Market Boutique, by which she places a portable device that allows you to teleport nearby loot to the inventory of the device. Each ally or enemy can take up to two items from this device.

It is best when your team is in a pickle, and you have no loot. The black market device can also act as a shield having 100 health and can block doors.

How to get Loba in Apex Mobile?

You can obtain the Loba in Apex Legends mobile from 10 loba fragments just like you get fade with fade chips, or you can use 750 syndicate gold to unlock her.

You can get Loba fragments from the starlight.

Best Apex Legends Mobile Perks for Loba

For her best perks, I recommend you play loba with Expensive taste as you can take a weapon, and it will not take up a slot when looted from the black market. Or you can use Illegal trade to loot your dead teammates banner from the black market so you can revive him later.

Best perk of Loba in Apex Legends Mobile

Moreover, use Burglar’s intuition as it allows Loba to see enemies having high loot near a 70m radius.

For the finisher, you can take the Deadly momentum perk for loba as it reduces the cooldown of your ultimate.