Caustic in Apex Legends Mobile: Know All About Him

Caustic in Apex Legends Mobile: Know All About Him

Caustic is the best legend out there for ranking up in Apex Legends Mobile. He is a defensive legend just like Gibraltar. He works with poisonous gas-based abilities and is a legend you don’t want to go against with him.

Due to the passive, tactical ability, and ultimate combination, he is deadly in close combat. So, In this article, you will get all the information about Caustic Legend in Apex Mobile.

Caustics Abilities in Apex Mobile

(i) Passive: Caustic’s passive “Nox Vision” allows him to see the enemies in the gas, whereas he is slightly visible to them. Knowing the enemy’s position is the best advantage in fights. And, of course, Caustic is immune to the gas as he wears a mask.

Caustic passive ability in Apex Legends Mobile

(ii) Tactical ability: Caustic’s tactical ability is called Nox gas trap- it throws a gas trap into the ground. When enemies trigger the trap or shoot it, a gas spreads throughout a radius dealing continuous damage to the enemy and slowing them down quite a bit.

The tactical skill of Caustic is flexible- you can use it as a shield in certain situations. You can place up to 7,8 gas traps in total. You can use these gas traps to block the entrance by placing them on doors.

(iii) Ultimate: Caustic’s ultimate is called Nox gas grenade, where he throws a grenade in a spot that covers an area with toxic Nox gas. And Inside the gas, enemies get continuous damage, and their movement speed decreases. It has a 3-minute cooldown.

How to unlock Caustic in Apex Mobile?

How to unlock Caustic in Apex Mobile?

You can get Caustic when you reach experience level 20 in Apex Legends Mobile, and You can collect him from the level rewards.

Is Caustic the best Legend to rank up in Apex Mobile?

Yes. Caustic is the perfect legend choice if you want to rank up faster in the game. This hero has all the abilities that can help you push rank like a pro in Apex Legends Mobile.

How to Play Caustic in Apex Legends Mobile?

You can play Caustic best inside buildings and corners since he can trap the enemies and is not that great when you play him in an open area since his tactical and ultimate skills won’t help that much.

You ought to fight inside the building if you can while playing him. The capital city and Skyhook are the best dropping place for caustic.

Caustic also has Fortified- It means incoming damage decreases by 15% and will not get slowed by bullets like Gibraltar.

For the best Legend perks for Caustic, I suggest you go with are Healing Catalyst which will help you and your teammates during Hard times while you are low on health.

For the best finisher perk, use battle adaptation so Caustic gets the next-level body shield faster. And Caustic ability, use Spreading Plague since it makes the gas stay longer, zoning the enemy out for a while.