How to get Free Skins in Apex Mobile?

How to get Free Skins in Apex Mobile?

Who doesn’t love good skin while playing a game? Most game nowadays comes with skin features. Skins are external features of a character/weapon that make a character/gun look attractive. There are a lot of skins in Apex legends mobile, both for gun and character, and among them, some cost real money to get, whereas some are free. So, Here, I will tell you all the possible sources to unlock skins for free.

Best Ways to unlock skins in Apex Legends Mobile for free

#1 Increase your Experience level

Leveling up experience is best way to get free skin in Apex legends mobile

You can get some skins of characters and guns from the experience level rewards, such as the hope skins of octane, the skin of flatline gun, etc. Therefore, remain active in the game, play more, and level up your experience.

#2 From battle pass:

You don’t have to buy a battlepass to get skins, as you can get free of them through the free battlepass. You will need to complete missions to obtain rewards from the battle pass.

For this season’s battle pass, you can unlock Mirage’s skin, G7 Scout skin, and Caustic skin in Apex Legends Mobile.

#3 Completing challenges:

Complete challenges in Apex mobile and get skins for free

On the events page, there is always an ongoing event that gives you free skin. Currently, there is Apex mobile alternator skin, and to obtain it, you will need to complete just a few challenges. There are not just gun skins but also free character skins in some events.

#4 Use flux currency:

Flux currencies are those blue square things you keep getting by doing different activities in the game. These are very useful in a way. You can use this currency to go to the crafting menu in the store and buy skins.

The cost of character skin starts with 2000 flux to 20,000, and Gun skins price range from 1000 to 15000 in Apex Legends mobile. It will take time to collect as much flux currency as you can not obtain free things in second in online games.

#5 Opening Crates:

Crates are also a great source to obtain free skins in Apex mobile. You’ll get many crates if you play the game for a while through the battlepasses, level rewards, and many more. These crates have a good chance of giving you weapons and character skins.

#6 From the seasonal store:

Every season, you will get a chance to collect Special currencies through seasonal events with which you can purchase different seasonal skins.

There are many Apex Legends mobile epic skins, both for character and guns, and to get them for free, you will need to complete some challenges, and that’s it.

#7 From club activities:

Join club, play co op missions and redeem coins to unlock apex mobile skin for free

Joining a club has various advantages. You can get many gun skins for free. For this, you will need to play some Co-op missions with your club members to get club coins as rewards, and you have to redeem these coins in the club store with skin.

In conclusion, Even if these skins are free, they will take time to get as everything free is not easy to unlock. So keep up the grind.